annual meeting

WYLD Support Team Report for WYLDCAT Members' Annual Meeting
June 2011

On behalf of the WYLD Support Team,

If you are wondering who the WYLD Support Team is, it's the same specialists you've all known as the WYLD Office. It's Bobbi, Des, Marc, Trish, Brian and (Jack, sometimes AND Lesley, sometimes).

In the last year, the WYLDCAT members gained one library, the new South High School in Cheyenne. One special library, the Casper College Western History Center has asked to be removed as a member library because of a tight budget. Discussions continue about that removal and no immediate action will be taken.

VDX (OCLC) highlights of the last year from Trish and Marc:

The ILL summit held last August had over 70 participants. Comments from attendees were very positive.

Believe it or not the upgrade to 4.1 done in early 2011 had very little impact on established work processes. The upgrade focused primarily on making VDX Unicode-compliant and added NCIP improvements. The expansion of the initialism NCIP is NISO (a standards organization) Circulation Interchange Protocol.

Due to low usage and high maintenance fees, OCLC's ZPortal, a federated search interface used with VDX and WYLDCAT was dropped in March of this year.

On the Acquisitions front

The most exciting thing is that the number of vendors implementing 9xx ordering capabilities continues to increase. After the FY's close, we hope to have Jack/Trish do a webinar or two about using the Acquisitions subsystem.

About Training

Hopefully you've seen the Training Committee report submitted by Susan Simpson. The WYLD Support Team is starting its Region 5 training effort. This will be needs-focused. Needs are being ascertained by surveys of each region. The next region to be surveyed will be Region 4. Also, internally, Bobbi is putting together a set of basic cataloging (including serials) multimedia pieces. These are short demos and how-tos for those who need new or refresher info about WYLD cataloging. This was a suggestion that came from the 2010 Directors' Retreat. Des and Marc will do something similar focused on the use of Director's Station.

WYLD Portal (Search & Discovery) Committee

This committee continues to exist but has not met for some time. At last year's WLA, Lesley stated that the State Library has some money set aside for this project and that is still the case. Why the delay or inactivity? In short, the jury is still out about a web-scale solution that's a good fit for a large multi-type library consortium like ours. We watched with great interest the implementation of Summon @ UW. You can use it today via their website.

There continues to be a focus or priority (at this time) on inexpensive enhancements to our WYLDCAT catalog. As you know, some improvements and features came with our most recent Symphony upgrade. There were no additional costs associated with these improvements. I will note that there were considerable person-hours put in by Marc and Des to bring these about. Did you see the webinar which is still available about these changes? I hope you are as pleased with these great improvements wrought by Des and Marc as I am. We plan to continue the enhancements after our group receives training on the SirsiDynix (SD) Enterprise product which came with our Portfolio product. We use Portfolio for our wonderful resource.

The Enterprise training will be this summer. SD Enterprise is not for web-scale implementation. It is a catalog-overlay product. The WYLD Support Team saw several presentations on search & discovery products used by other SD customers this past April @ the COSUGI users meeting. Last October, Des and I came away from the Internet Librarian conference with the impression that Web-scale search & discovery products are still maturing and not quite ready for multi-type library consortia. I hope you will agree with me that doing catalog enhancements while the industry continues to further web-scale product development is not a bad interim strategy. I will be getting an update on some of these products later this month at the ALA Annual conference.

Have you explored Wyoming Places? If you like what you've seen there or have stories about its impact let Venice Beske and Bobbi know. They've done a great job with it. This is not a static project. There is more Wyoming Places info out there and you can help bring it to light. A lot of you were able to see this at the WLA Legislative Reception this past January and it is even better today. We continue to benefit from unique access to the SD developer who can implement changes and fix issues that arise. We've received contacts from other SD customers in Canada, the UK and the USA about this project.


No upgrades have been scheduled or recommended at this time. We are looking at the next version of Symphony enumerated as 3.4 on the test server.

COSUGI in Phoenix with Frances Clymer

I hope you've read Frances Clymer's report about her experience at the COSUGI (Sirsi and Dynix customers) meeting. Frances gives a good overview of the kind of presentations we go to and how sometimes we are also presenting. See what she says about the one done by Des and Marc. This is such a worthwhile conference for learning, networking, and bringing more attention to issues we care about. We have access to many SD staff and of course, customers from all over the world.

I'm glad Frances was able to go. This will serve her well as she prepares to take the reins of the WYLDCAT Members presidency. I've enjoyed working with Mary Jayne Jordan, who will be stepping down in that role, at the end of this month. Mary Jayne had lots of energy that she brought to the table. She sometimes traveled around the state visiting people at different libraries. From this she gained a better sense of issues faced by front-line staff outside of the K-12 library environment in which she works. On one occasion, she was going to some school libraries in another county where she was aware of some training needs. She picked up Bobbi and Des on her way there and brought them back to Cheyenne after a good day of training with pizza for lunch. Thanks Mary Jayne for your gentle, thoughtful and tireless efforts under demanding circumstances to improve the lot of WYLDCAT members.

On a concluding note, I publicly want to thank Bill Nelson (Natrona County Public Library director), Debbie Sturman (Niobrara County Library director) and Patty Myers (Campbell County Public Library System executive director) for paying a little extra for a SIP2 license that allows the OverDrive product to connect to the WYLD system. Any additional WYLD public libraries that contract for OverDrive services this year will have this vital element in place and paid for this year thanks to Bill, Debbie and Patty.

Brian Greene
WYLD Program Manager of the Wyoming State Library