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WYLDCAT: Custom Settings for Libraries
Contact the WYLD Office to request any changes in custom settings
version 3.4 - November 2011

WYLDCAT Search Behavior

  1. Use the default search operator 'SAME' or 'AND' (AND is the new default for version 3.4)
  2. Allow Boolean operators to be searched as terms from the basic search screen. (search behavior does not change on advanced search).
    e.g. searches like BUD NOT BUDDY will not result in error. Searches that should treat operators as Boolean would need to be enclosed in double quotes or done from the advanced search screen instead.

WYLDCAT basic search screen

  1. Library Name
  2. Show "Find it Fast" feature
  3. Show "Kids" feature (searches item category 2 level of Juvenile or Young Adult)
  4. Customize the library groups for searching
    1. List of libraries or groups of libraries to search
    2. Order of libraries to show
    3. Include electronic resources (e.g. Netlibrary titles) in searches or search separately
  5. Show search history /previous searches box (does not appear in a new session until a search has been done)
  6. Show Recommended Reading box
    1. Choose between public library lists or academic lists
  7. Show Best Sellers
    1. Choose between public library lists or academic lists
  8. Show 'Library Links' box
  9. If showing Library Links box, 'Research & Discovery' Link can be customized
  10. If showing Library Links box, 'Journal Lookup' link can be customized


WYLDCAT advanced search screen (search option limiters)

  1. Language - list of languages
  2. Location - Library specific locations
  3. Genre (Item category 1) - Library specific item category 1 policies


Links to Full Text - eJournal Portal

  1. Show link to full text when ISSN is present on the record
  2. Link is customized for Community Colleges' eJournal (Serials Solutions) Portals. All others show the GoWYLD, statewide databases.

Clicking on the 'Find full text' link opens a popup window to Serials Solutions eJournal Portal


Hosted WYLDCAT page (e.g. http://wyld.state.wy.us/libraryname)
*Not all libraries have these pages.

  1. Library name(s)
  2. Link to Comments form (standard WYLD form, or your library's comments form
  3. Links to browse catalogs (which to show, order, etc)
  4. Link to new materials (which libraries to show, order, etc)
  5. Link to informational page for the library. E.g. library website
  6. Link to GoWYLD databases or show other, library specific databases



  1. Logout page. Page where the user ends up when clicking on log out or the session times out on its own. Usually either a hosted page on WYLD, as shown above, or a library website
  2. Hold pickup locations
  3. Language for patrons re fees, etc.