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Widgets for Libraries - promoting resources easily on your website.

Widgets for Libraries was presented as part of the 'Get on the Bus: Rev up your Reference Skills' 2010 webinar series.
The presentation is archived here

What are Widgets?
Widgets are snippets of code that are usually created by adding your custom values to a form and then copying and pasting code into your web page code. Often widgets are downloaded and added to a service like iGoogle or My Yahoo pages or a blog.
The webinar covered three library resource related widgets in-depth: Gale search widgets; EBSCOhost search widgets, and Worldcat widgets.

Resources requiring authentication for remote use should include a proxy server address in the widget or URL. The State Library proxy server for statewide resources is http://proxy.lib.wy.us/login?url=


Gale Search Widgets - http://access.gale.com/widgets/
  1. Single product search
  2. Powersearch (multiple databases)

*Wyoming Gale widgets are using geolocation for IPs, so you don't need to add a proxy server value
Tip: You can link to specific Gale searches and results with their persistent linking feature (Infomark/Bookmarks). This is an example of a Bookmarked Gale Item


EBSCOhost Search Widget (Search Box Builder) http://support.ebscohost.com/eit/searchboxbuilder/


Find Your Next Book To Read:


Worldcat Widgets - http://www.worldcat.org/wcpa/content/affiliate/default.jsp
*Worldcat is a free resource, so you don’t need the proxy server value

Types of Worldcat Widgets:

You will need to create a free Worldcat.org account and also provide your affiliate information (your library)

Worldcat List Widget


More Widgets & Tools

Uber Widget! – LibX Toolbar – see http://will.state.wy.us/wyld/libx.html

Proquest K-12 Widgets Page: http://www.proquestk12.com/widgets/widgets.shtml
Other Proquest databases: http://proquest.com/en-US/utilities/widgets/search.shtml

SIRS Researcher Search Box - Access SIRS, click Educator's Resources to generate a custom widget.
SIRS Researcher Top 10 Leading Issues Access SIRS, select Educator's Resources to generate a resizeable Top 10 content box.
*Note, at the time of writing this guide, you need to manually add proxy server information to the form GET code, as SIRS currently doesn't support adding authentication information for widgets.

Britannica Toolbox: http://newsletters.britannica.com/toolbox/
*these widgets all access the free versions of Britannica at this time

WilsonWeb Search Widget Builder: http://www.hwwstats.com/utilities/wilsonweb/widgets/index.cfm


Other ways to promote resources - download web images and other promotional materials from vendor websites, e.g.:


More examples and places to get widgets: