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Tracking VDX request items in WYLD

Interlibrary Loans will be tracked through the VDX system. Staff will need to follow the procedure below in order to generate patron hold notices and to keep the item status current in WYLD.

Loaning Library

  1. Update the request in VDX to "shipped".
  2. Check the item out on WYLD to the OCLC patron created for you by the WYLD office.
  3. Send item to borrowing library.

Borrowing Library

  1. When item arrives update the request in VDX to received.
  2. From Workflows, place a hold on the item using the patron's barcode. You may want to check the "Make hold first in queue" box.
  3. Discharge the item. The discharge will make the hold available and generate the hold notice.
  4. Check item out to patron.
  5. Discharge the item when patron returns. The item will now be intransit back to the loaning library.
  6. Update the request in VDX to Returned.

Loaning Library

  1. Discharge the item when it is returned from the borrowing library.
  2. Update the VDX request to Check In.