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Procedure for processing OCLC clearinghouse request sent to the State Library through VDX

  1. The Borrower adds WSLC to the rota of the request and submits the request.
  2. WSL will "Message" the request with the OCLC request number once the request has been entered in OCLC.
  3. The request will now show in the borrower's Pending/waiting queue with the last action of "Message Indication". These requests can also be accessed from the message waiting queue.
  4. The Borrower may click acknowledged once they have read the message sent from WSL.
  5. The Borrower actions the request as "Received" when the item arrives at the library.

    If the item has a VDX service level of "Copy-Non-Returnable" the request will automatically disappear from both the lender and borrower queues when the borrower actions the request as "Received". PLEASE be sure to send WSL a "Message" that you have received the item.

  6. The following steps apply only to requests that must be returned to the lending library. Items with the VDX service level of Loan.

  7. Borrower actions the item as "Returned".
  8. WSL updates OCLC as returned and actions the request as "Checked-In" in VDX.

    The "Checked-In" action by WSL will automatically remove the request from both the lender and borrower queues.

TIP #1: You may find it easier to manage your requests by clicking on the number in the waiting column to the left of the request description when viewing your work queue.

TIP #2: If a request has the last action of "Message-Indication", if is a new message for you. If the last action is "Message", the message was sent from you to the other library.