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URL Change - April 23rd, 2015

VDX will be down on April 22, 2015 due to a change in the server running VDX. Patrons and staff will still be able to place requests from elibrary or Enterprise.

Effective April 23, 2015 you will need to use this new URL to connect to VDX:   https://wy.vdxhost.com/vdx

As of April 23, 2015 vdx.state.wy.us and piglet.state.wy.us. will no longer be valid for accessing VDX. There are no other changes being made to VDX at this time. The interface, functionality and work processes remain the same. Users should still contact the State Library with questions or problems regarding VDX/interlibrary loan. The only change is the URL to access WYLD's VDX system.The change is due to the server for VDX being hosted by OCLC instead of being managed by Marc at the State Library.

Why the change? The operating system on the server running VDX will not be supported after July 1, 2015. VDX will eventually be going away. However the end of life date for VDX has now been extended to 2019. We will continue to look at alternatives to VDX and monitoring the development of new interlibrary loan software.

Please contact Marc Stratton or Trish Palluck if you have any questions or concerns about the change.

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