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Serials Maintenance

The WYLD Database Guidelines (section 2.4.7A1) encourage libraries to retain no more than 60 barcoded issues on serials titles.

At the request of the Online Quality Committee, the WYLD Office generates reports of serials titles that have more than 60 issues per library.
The reports, to be generated quarterly, will be e-mailed to those libraries who exceed this limit.

The format of the report is quite simple:

XXXLIB|201|WYOWRITER|o19250893 |

The library short code is listed first, followed by the number of barcoded issues.
The serial title appears next followed by the title control number for that record.
These e-mail reports will be sent from the sirsi@wyld.state.wy.us mailbox, not from any WYLD staff personal address.

If it is necessary for your library to keep track of the number of issues you have for these titles, you might consider adding a notation to your MARC holdings records...perhaps something like:

STORAGE: 1985-2005 (1120 issues) [These would be the issues no longer linked to the serials bib record. They would still be barcoded for onthefly circ.]

2006-CURRENT [These would be the issues currently linked to the serials bib record.]

To make sure that the report goes to the correct recipients at each library, please notify the WYLD Office by sending an email
to wyldstaff @ will.state.wy.us with any changes to the contact information for your library.