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WYLD TECHNOTE 110: Updating Library Ownership (Overlaying) of patron records

The following procedures apply to public libraries in the ILS Users Group. Colleges, schools, and special libraries may have legitimate reasons for maintaining duplicate records and their records should not be edited

WYLD users may have library cards at more than one library in Wyoming. It is common practice to update a library user record by changing the patron's home library and other locally specific information. These steps are often referred to as changing ownership or 'overlaying' of the record. In the ILS Users Group, public libraries should adhere to the procedures described below when updating a record.

When registering a new patron, library staff should check to see if a record already exists by searching for the patron's name in Workflows (Display User wizard). The search properties should be set to search the entire state, and not limited to the current library. To ensure that only public library records are edited, make sure that the profile policy names are 01 thru 23 or ALBY.

Recommended steps to take ownership of an existing WYLD patron record:

Contact Marc or Des in the WYLD office to make changes to this list.

Campbell County (and Wright Branch) send email to circ@ccpls.org
Carbon County (and all branches) send email to kjones@carbonlibraries.org
Converse County send email to cinnamon@conversecountylibrary.org
Crook County send email to crookcountylib@rangeweb.net
EWC send email to Casey.Debus@ewc.wy.edu
Goshen County send email to ihoy@GoshenCounty.org
Natrona County and all branches send email to reference@natronacountylibrary.org
Niobrara County send email to info@niobraracountylibrary.org
Park County and all branches send email to psmith@parkcountylibrary.org
Weston County and all branches send email to westill@westongov.com
Uinta County - Lyman send email to sworthen@uintalibrary.org