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WYLD TECHNOTE 105:Producing BFR (final notice) with the Assumed Lost Report

This report works much in the same way as the old DRA BFR. When the report is run,items that match the overdue selection criteria remain charged to the patron and the item's location is changed to LOST-ASSUM.

The report will automatically add a bill to the patron record for the cost of the item, updating the users estimated fines. The replacement cost is either the price of the item, or can be derived from the Default Price policy. The Default Price policy sets the default price for an item by item type and library. The Default Price policy lets you determine if a processing fee is added to the patron's account and if the processing fee is automatically removed with the lost bill when the lost item is returned to the library. This policy also lets you determine if the default replacement cost is always used instead of the price set in the item record. If the default replacement cost is not always used, the report will first check for a price in the item record, and, if one does not exist, will use the value set in the Default Price policy. To view and request changes to your Default price policies use the circmap pages at http://will.state.wy.us/wyld/map, select your library then "Your Library's Default Price Policies".

The assumed lost item processing is the same as when a user claims to have lost material, as defined in the FAQs: Marking Items as Lost. The user's charge becomes inactive and the overdue charge is no longer accrued in the user's estimated fines. The FAQ describes what happens when a patron pays a lost item bill, what happens if the item is returned or found before the patron pays the lost item bill, and how library staff can issue a refund for a lost item bill.

Default Price policy

You do not have to set up Default Price polices for this report to work. But you do if you:
  1. Want to charge a Processing fee
  2. Want to charge a Lost fee and your item records do not have prices in them
Go to the WYLD circ map home page and select your library to find a link to the Default price policies spreadsheet.
WYLD circ map

Creating an Assumed Lost template

Premise: We will assume you are replacing your final notice with this report, your present notice report creates a first notice at 7 days overdue, a second notice at 14 days overdue and a final notice at 21 days overdue.

Modify your daily notice file

Remove and reschedule your Daily notices

Schedule your new Assumed lost report

For an additional step in dealing with overude material see the Long overdue report. technote 91

Please contact Marc Stratton [ mstratton@will.state.wy.us ] in the WYLD office with any questions.