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WYLD TECHNOTE 103: Creating special, recirculating patrons

The WYLD office has created some special patron profiles to help libraries manage items requiring a temporary location.

The following patrons have been created to help libraries manage items needing a temporary location for a specific period of time. The patron profile assigned to each of these patrons includes a specific location. You will actually check items out to these patrons, but the specific location, not "checkedout", will show in WYLDCAT and in the Workflows current location field.

The profiles also allow you to re-circulate or checkout items in the special locations to your regular library patrons.

CAUTION: Double discharging will discharge items from your special patron and change the item's current location to match the item's home location. Special overdue notices may be generated for any of these patrons if you wish to monitor the length of time items are in a temporary location.

  1. Click on the Copy User Wizard
  2. Search using the appropriate User ID selected from the list below. The list also includes the locations assigned to each patron. These are the locations that will be used instead of "checkedout" when items are checked out to these patrons.
    UserIDProfile NameWorkflows Current LocationeLibrary Location
    WYLDBINDERYBINDERY BINDERY Material at the bindery
    WYLDREPAIRREPAIR REPAIR Being fixed/mended
  3. Enter your library code combined with the patron profile name for the User ID (E.g. PARKBINDERY)
  4. On the next screen, the Basic Information tab, edit the following fields:
    • Patron Name (e.g. Park Bindery Patron)
    • Library
    • Click the Privilege Tab to remove or change the PIN otherwise click OK.
    • NOTE: The PIN is optional and needed only for placing holds through eLibrary. If you do change or remove the pin enter super in the override box and click ok.
  5. Notify the WYLD office of changes to your circ map to accommodate the new patron profile(s) you will use.