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WYLD TECHNOTE 94: Creating a report to count Ephemeral charges

The ephemeral (ghost) wizard in the Special groups of wizards in Circulation is used to charge items that don't have a barcode. A patron barcode is used to record a charge and discharge for statistical purposes. Nothing distinguishes these charges from regular charges in the monthly circ stats. To get unique statistics on emphemeral charges, follow these proceedures:

When using the ephemeral charge wizard it will prompt you to enter a patron card and will record the statistics to the user you enter, which may be one that you create only for this purpose.
Once items have been recorded as charged and discharged from your ephemeral patron using the ephemeral item you created, you can build a transaction statistics report. Limit the report to your library, with the location EPHEMERAL and the output can be by item type and by item category1,

Note: You can also use Director's Station to create the report.

To create the report template in Workflows:

  1. Copy one of the monthly statistics reports like "mo item/loc" using the copy button on the templates folder in "schedule new reports".
  2. Give the report a unique name
  3. In the "transaction statistics selection" criteria tab, add EPHEMERAL to the "item home location" by using the gadget.
  4. In the "command" field select only "Charge item Part B"
  5. Under the "Output options" tab click on the gadget next to Column and select "Item category 1". For the rows select Item type.


See also Workflows Help Topic: "Ephemeral Checkout Wizard"

Please contact Marc Stratton [ marc.stratton@wyo.gov ] in the WYLD office with any questions.