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WYLD TECHNOTE 073: Installing Symphony Workflows on Staff Workstations

Updated 11/23/2011

jump to instructions for uninstalling Workflows at the end of this technote

Note: for a detailed discussion of permissions needed for proper installation of Workflows, see this document (password required, contact WYLD Support)


Step 1: Get the program software

WSL is no longer using an ftp server to deliver Workflows, we now use a Dropbox link.


Step 2: Install the program

Accept the license agreement and default locations for program installation.


Step 3: Configuring Workflows

Once you have finished the installation process, you will have a Workflows icon on your desktop. When you click on this icon to launch the program for the first time, you will need to provide the IP address for the WYLD server.

The IP address is

Make sure to also check the box that says 'always show this screen on startup'. If you have not checked this box and have made a mistake in the address, it is difficult to retrieve this configuration screen to make changes. Refer to the example below:

Fig 1 - Workflows configuration menu

After you click 'OK' on the configuration menu, you will be prompted to enter a username and password to log in. If you are not sure of your username and password, please contact the WYLD Office.

Fig 2 - Workflows login

The program can take several minutes to launch the first time as the client software retrieves files from the WYLD server. As long as the hourglass icon appears on your screen, do not click elsewhere on the desktop. When workflows has finished loading you will see a screen similar to Figure 3.

Fig 3 - Workflows toolbar


Uninstalling Workflows: use the Windows Add/Remove programs feature:

> Start
> Settings
> Control Panel
> Add/Remove Programs
> Select the Workflows program
> Go to your Windows Explorer and remove the Sirsi directory from your list of programs
> Empty the workstation's recycle bin after this process.
> Install a new copy of the Workflows program following the above directions.