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WYLD TECHNOTE 064: Discard List Procedures

updated July 2013

Accessing the Discard List:

The URL for the discard list is: http://cowgirl.state.wy.us/ccd/

The discard list browse is browseable by title or by library

The use of the discard list is open to any Wyoming library whether part of the WYLD system or not. Non-WYLD libraries can request items from the list at any time and WYLD libraries can send the requested items using exactly the same procedures. However, non-WYLD libraries wishing to add materials manually to the discard list must first contact the WYLD Office to receive assignment of a library code that is necessary for use of the Add Title form on the Administration Page. An email address is also required and must be submitted to the WYLD Office so that it can be added to the email index. Libraries using the list will have to add all titles manually using the procedures outlined in the section on Adding a title.


Browse by title or library (only libraries with items currently on the discard list show as available search libraries). The resulting list displays title, call number if available, author, owning library, and imprint information (place of publication, publisher, and date of publication). Next to each title on the discard list is a "request" button.



Initiating a request:
WYLD members may access the "Quick request mode" from this initial screen by clicking on the click here option directly above the search options. This mode of access allows someone from a WYLD member library to enter requesting library information only once instead of each time a single request is entered. Enter your libraryís Sirsi policy code plus your personal name at the appropriate prompts, then click on the "submit" button. A slightly different version of the initial search screen will be retrieved and you may continue searching as described above.

Quick Request Mode:
To request a title from the owning library, follow the procedures as described above for WYLD libraries wishing to use the Quick Request Mode. NOTE: It is not possible to cancel a request using the Quick Request Mode.
Regular Request Mode:
Following the procedure described above to browse for items, click on the request button next to each title to retrieve a request form for that title. Complete the form with the following information: your name, your email address, your libraryís name, address, city, and zip code. Below the request form is a brief citation for the item being requested including database control number (if available), item call number (if available), title, author, owning library, barcode, and imprint. You have the option at this point to request the item or cancel the request. A canceled request returns you to the search option page. Upon submitting a request, you will be notified that the request has been emailed and by clicking on the "start over" button, you will be returned to the initial search screen. NOTE: If you choose this request mode, it will be necessary to complete the form each time you request a title.

Preventing Multiple Requests:
Once a title has been requested, it no longer displays on the Discard List so it can not be selected by another library.

Emailing Requests:
The request will generate an email to a designated recipient at the owning library. A copy of the email will go back to the person initiating the request and a third copy of the email will go to the designated email address for discards at the requesting library. These email copies are a security feature incorporated into this process so that libraries will not receive materials they have not legitimately requested. SEE SECTION ON Editing email information.

Shipment of the requested items:
Libraries are each responsible for arranging shipment of materials to the new owning library. Any shipping costs involved should be handled between the two libraries involved.

Receiving the item:
Upon receipt, libraries may add the item to their collection according to their normal procedures.



Titles are added through the Administration Page of the discard list. The Administration Page can be accessed from the bottom of the search option page by clicking on the word "PROCEED", or from the discard list of titles by clicking on "Admin Page". A user name and password are necessary to access this page.

The username is: ccd
The password is: Di$card

The Administration Page provides the options of adding a title, deleting an entry, editing an entry, or editing library email information.

Adding a title:
There are examples within the Add form to assist with entry of correct information.
This Add form can be used for items that your library may wish to offer to another library. Add the information as requested on the form and click the "Add this record" button. ***Do not use initial articles in the title field.***

The new title will be added immediately to the discard list. If you have multiple copies of a title, with identical information, you can add the complete title information for each copy, or you could enter the title information once and then indicate at the end of the title line in parenthesis the number of copies owned. e.g. Gone with the wind (3 copies)
However, care must be taken if using this second option as it requires the owning library to modify that number anytime copies are requested by another library.

From this page, you can either add another title by clearing the form and entering information for the new title, or return to the Admin Page, or search the Discard List.

Deleting/Editing a title:
If you need to delete or edit a title, you may do so using the delete or edit option on the Administration Page.

Enter the first few words of the title you wish to delete or edit and click the "Browse title" button. The list of titles displayed will have "Delete this item" and "Edit" buttons to the right of each title.

To delete:
If you select the delete button, it is still possible to cancel this option. A cancellation will return you to the Admin Page. If you do delete an item from the discard list, that will be reflected immediately on the list.

To edit:
If you select the edit button, a form similar to the "Add" form will appear. You will be able to edit the information that is incorrect and then resubmit the title to the discard list with your corrections appearing immediately. You may also cancel the edit option at any time. After completing your edits, you may return to the Admin Page or initiate another search of the discard list.

Editing email information:
This feature allows you to change the email address of the person who will receive the requests for discarded items from your library. Enter the Sirsi Policy code for your library and click on the "get email info" button. This retrieves a screen that displays the current email address for your library. If this information is incorrect or you wish to designate another individual to receive the discard requests, edit the email information and then click on the "edit this record" button to change the email information. From this screen, you may also choose to cancel this edit option, return to the Admin Page, or initiate another search of the discard list.

Receiving a request:
The message received by the owning library gives the requested itemís title, barcode, call number (if available), and the name and email of the requesting library.

Sending requested items:
Libraries are each responsible for arranging shipment of materials to the new owning library. Any shipping costs involved should be handled between the two libraries involved.

Purging a title:
A library can manually delete an item from the discard list if they so choose by accessing the Administration Page. Materials will also be purged from the discard list on a regular basis by the WYLD Office. SEE SECTION ON WYLD processing procedures.



WYLD Staff will purge titles from the discard list on a regular basis.

These listed titles will be removed from the discard list itself automatically, but individual libraries must deal with the physical items.

technote 64 - updated July 2013
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