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TECHNOTE 61: SirsiDynix Symphony Item Types

See also policy information at: http://cowgirl.state.wy.us/map/

ITEM TYPES: The primary purpose of the Item Type policy is to identify an object's circulation characteristics. Through the SirsiDynix Symphony policies, the library indicates such things as the loan period and fines for a particular item type as well as whether the item is holdable. Additionally, the item type policy may be used for statistical analysis. Item types can be used to limit search results as well.

While item type can be used to designate a material format, there are other means available to accurately describe the format of an item, such as item category 1 in the item record or the notes fields of an item record. Fields in the bibliographic record can describe format as well. In the title field (245 tag) a general material designation (GMD) may be added to indicate specific format such as CD book, MP3CD book, DVD, large print, or board book. The edition statement (250 tag) can be used also to indicate specific format information such as Playaway, Xbox 360 or Wii.

Policy NameWYLDCAT Description Suggested Use Limiter in Advanced Search in OPAC
1DAYLOAN 1 day loan Items loaned for 1 day no
2DAYLOAN 2 day loan Items loaned for 2 days no
2HRLOAN 2 hour loan Items loaned for 2 hours no
3DAYLOAN 3 day loan Items loaned for 3 days no
7DAYLOAN 7 day loan Items loaned for 7 days yes
ARCHIVES Archives Archival and historical material - see also MANUSCRIPT yes
ARTPRINT Art print Art prints yes
AUDIOCASS Audiocassette Items in cassette format yes
AV Audio-visual Use for audiovisual materials not defined elsewhere - e.g. filmstrips, slides yes
AV-EQUIP Audio-visual equipment Equipment such as projectors, tape players, etc. no
BLU-RAY Blu-ray Disc Blu-ray disc format yes
BOOK Book Books yes
BOOKMEDIA Book with media Books with accompanying media, such as CD yes
BOOKONTAPE Book on tape Spoken word recordings in cassette format yes
BOUNDPER Bound periodical Bound periodicals yes
CAMCORDER Camcorder Camcorder (see also AV-EQUIP) no
CASSPLAYER Cassette player Cassette player (see also AV-EQUIP) no
CDBOOK CD Book Spoken word recordings in CD format yes
CDMUSIC Music CD Music recordings in CD format yes
DISCARD Discard Discarded items waiting to be removed no
DVD DVD DVD format yes
DVD2 DVD 2 DVD format with alternate loan period yes
EAUDIOBOOK Electronic Audiobook WYLD Office - used for linking OneClick Digital audiobooks yes
EBOOK eBook Books available electronically (eAudiobooks or eBooks) yes
EREADER 3M eReader Linking the circulating 3M eReader no
GOVDOC Government document Government Documents (Local, State, or Federal) yes
GRAPHICNVL Graphic novel Graphic novels yes
HOLIDAYBK Holiday book Holiday books yes
ILL Inter-library loan material Inter-library loan material yes
J-EAUDIOBK Juvenile Electronic Audiobook WYLD Office - used for linking OneClikc Digital audiobooks yes
JUVBOOK Juvenile book Books for juvenile reading level yes
JUVCASS Juvenile audiocassette Audiocassette format for juveniles yes
JUVCD Juvenile CD CD format for juveniles yes
JUVDVD Juvenile DVD DVD format for juveniles yes
JUVMAG Juvenile magazine Magazines for juveniles yes
JUVPPBK Juvenile paperback Paperbacks for juveniles yes
JUV-VIDEO Juvenile video Videorecordings for juveniles (VHS format) yes
KEY Key Key no
KIT Kit Kits (multiple items loaned together) yes
LANGUAGE Foreign Language Foreign language materials yes
LARGEPRINT Large print Large print books yes
LEASEDBOOK Leased Book Leased books yes
LOCAL-REQ Local Request Items only available for local request no
MANUSCRIPT Manuscript Manuscript (see also Archives above) no
MAP Map Maps yes
MICROFORM Microform Microformats (fiche, film) yes
MISC Miscellaneous Miscellaneous no
MP3 MP3 MP3 format (music, Playaway, etc.) yes
MUSIC Music Sound recordings - music yes
NEW New Items New items yes
NEW-BOOK New books New books yes
NEWSPAPER Newspaper Newspapers yes
NONCIRC Non-circulating item Non-circulating items no
ONLINEDOC Online Items available on the Internet yes
ONTHEFLY On the fly Temporary items no
PAMPHLET Pamphlet Pamphlet or vertical file materials yes
PAPERBACK Paperback Books in paperback format yes
PERIODICAL Periodical Periodicals, Magazines & Journals yes
PRINTMUSIC Sheet music or music score Sheet music or musical scores - printed music yes
PROJECTOR Projector Projector (see also AV-EQUIP) no
REALIA Realia Real life objects such as puppets, tools, etc yes
REF-BOOK Reference book Reference books yes
RESERVERM Reserve room Items on reserve (library should be using Academic Reserves) yes
SCREEN Screen Screens for projection (see also AV-EQUIP) no
SOFTWARE Software Software yes
SPECIAL Special materials Used for items with special loan periods no
STUDYGUIDE Study Guide Study guides yes
THESIS Thesis Theses yes
UNKNOWN Unknown Used when item type is unknown no
VIDEO Videorecording Recording in VHS format yes
VIDEO2 Videorecording 2 Recording in VHS format with alternate loan period yes
VIDEOGAME Video Game Videogame - multiple formats yes
YABOOK YA book Books for young adults yes
YAMAG YA magazine Magazines for young adults yes

technote 61 - updated September 2012