Count of Transactions Loaded Output

The following Count of Transactions Loaded output options may be available.

Check Misordered

Select the Yes default if you want to check for misordered scanned items in the scanned batch. If scanned item IDs are not in correct shelving key order, the bibliographic information for the item not in the correct shelving order is printed with bibliographic information for neighboring items shelved immediately before and after the incorrectly ordered item in the scanned batch, for easy shelf-identification. (Example) The copy number is ignored when misordered copies are identified, so a copy that is out of order within its own call number is not listed. These items can be output in the short format.

Check Unknown

Select the Yes default if you want to check for unknown scanned items in the scanned batch. If item IDs are present in the scanned batch, but cannot be found in the catalog, the system reads the input file of scanned items, checks these items against the library’s item file by item ID, and outputs any non-matching item IDs and the item ID of the last matching scanned record. The unknown item ID is printed, as well as the author, title, and call number of the adjacent known item in the scanned batch. (Example)

Use Short Form

Select Yes if you would like to use the short output format for items that were scanned out of order. The short format includes the call number, copy number and barcode only. Complete title information prints by default.

Transaction Type

The transaction type selected indicates how the data obtained from the scanner will be processed. When using the TRAKKER® T2090 Handheld Data Collection Computer, select Inventory to inventory the data and to provide a list to work from when conducting missing item searches and getting shelf items in order. Select Item Use to update items that had been used, or off the shelf, as items are reshelved. Only a log indicating the number of items used is provided when this option is selected. Select the Mixed option to perform Inventory and Item Use functions within the same batch of scanned data.
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