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Contact the WYLD Support Team

All WYLD Support team members can be reached at 1-800-264-1281. Press the number 2 to contine to the WYLD Office menu.

WYLD announcements and system news are sent to the 'wyldnews@will.state.wy.us' distribution list whenever possible.

HELP DESK 1-800-264-1281 wyldstaff@will.state.wy.us
Brian Greene 307-777-6339 brian.greene@wyo.gov
Marc Stratton 307-777-6294 marc.stratton@wyo.gov
Desiree Saunders 307-777-6258 desiree.saunders@wyo.gov
Bobbi Thorpe 307-777-3668 bobbi.thorpe@wyo.gov
AFTER HOURS 1-307-222-9453 after hours information, do not give this number to your patrons, staff only.

Click on a name to see specific WYLD Responsibilities


In the event that WYLD functions or WYLD connectivity go down at your library (Mon-Fri 8-5), the first step is to telephone the WYLD Help Desk using the 800 number:

A WYLD Support Team staff person may answer your call or a message will be available giving the status of the system. We will give the nature of the problem and anticipated time of repair. If the problem you are experiencing is not reflected on the Help Desk Line and it is after hours, then call the After Hours Support Number - 307-222-9453   (Please, only for problems affecting your public service:).
[more info about contacting the WYLD Office after hours]

* WYLD announcements and system news are also sent to the 'wyldnews@will.state.wy.us' distribution list whenever possible.


To contact a WYLD Support team member after 5:00 pm and on weekends for emergency support, call 307-222-9453 . If the number is not answered, you may leave a voicemail with details regarding the issue you are reporting and the staff person on call will return the voicemail as soon as possible.

You may also send a text message to the after hours number.

These are the kinds of problems considered "valid" for after hours calls:


The WYLD staff works as a team to operate the WYLD sytem, so there is overlap in responsibilities. Please call the main helpdesk number or send an email to wyldstaff@will.state.wy.us - particularly if you need an immediate response.


Bobbi Thorpe, Database Manager  (307) 777-3668
Generally responsible for database maintenance, cataloging guidelines, operations, training in cataloging and serials, and in planning for the addition of new records to the database.


Brian Greene, WYLD Program Manager  (307) 777-6339
Generally responsible for coordinating planning for WYLD, liaison with member libraries and vendors. Communication between WYLD office and member libraries. Research and negotiations with vendors for new WYLD services, products, and telecommunications options.


Desiree Saunders, Systems Librarian   (307) 777-6258
Generally responsible for WYLDCAT configuration, SirsiDynix Workflows, Circulation, Outreach, and other modules. Supports additional database connectivity (GoWYLD) and technical issues. Oversees digital content projects: ebooks (3M Cloud, Freading); eaudiobooks (OneClickDigital); magazines (Zinio); and acts as a liaison to the WYLD Shared Purchases Committee.


Marc Stratton, System Manager  (307) 777-6294
Generally responsible for ongoing operation of WYLD system, set-up of system hardware and software processing and database file management. SirsiDynix Workflows, Circulation, Reports and ILL. Liaison with ETS division on ongoing projects. Tests new hardware configurations and software upgrades. Assists local sites with equipment setup.