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WYLDCAT Members Region 4: Converse, Natrona, Niobrara Counties

Region Representative: Deb Sturman (2015) - dsturman @ niobraracountylibrary.org

Mailing List:  region4 @ will.state.wy.us


About Region Representatives:

  1. Convene and preside at region's meeting
  2. Inform Wyoming State Library of meeting date and agenda.
  3. Inform constituents of issues.
  4. Solicit viewpoints from constituents.
  5. Initiate appropriate action on behalf of constituents.
  6. Solicit and share committee reports.


WYLD REGION 4 - MEMBER LIBRARIES   for other libraries in this region, see the Wyoming Libraries Directory

Converse County Library [public]
   Glenrock Branch Library

Natrona County Library [public]
    M.J. Davis Memorial Library (Edgerton)
    Bob Goff Memorial Library (Mills)

Niobrara County Library [public]

Casper College Library [academic]