Regional Council
annual meeting

WYLD Network Regional Council
Annual Report 2007
Presented orally at the Annual meeting, EWC, Torrington, May 30, 2007

Patty Myers, Chair
Suzanne Morlock, Region 1
Carmela Conning, Region 2
Jill Mackey, Region 3
Jeanette Murrell, Region 4
Meghan Kelly, Region 5
Claire Francis, Region 6

Patty reiterated Dale’s comments about a quiet year with WYLD. As chairman of the Regional Council, she used email to maintain contact with the council. The recent turnover for the election actually created a lot of activity, because the by-laws are not definitive, and each region has created their own method of contact and “election.” The lack of regional meeting time at the annual meeting is another issue the representatives discussed. However, on the whole the regions are effective for maintaining close contact with neighbor libraries and greatly appreciated within the regions, because they have developed good working relationships with each other. The representatives also recognized that meetings from the region have not been posted regularly and have taken on the responsibility of encouraging each other to do the postings.

Region 1 – Suzanne reported that the region has rotating county representatives (Fremont, Teton, then Sublette). Ana Cuprill from the Pinedale Library will be the Region 1 rep for the next two years.

Region 2 – Carmela said they had a fall training on ebooks, and a recent training on the director’s station at the Yellowstone Research Library. Her notes will be posted on line.

Region 3 – Jill has worked on an informal survey of training desires, and she will check again post annual meeting.

Region 4 – Jeanette reported a quiet year with interests in the directors station and serials training which were part of the annual meeting training. (Jeanette later emailed that Karen Hopkins would be the new Region 4 representative.)

Region 5 – Meghan said that her region has been taking advantage of the free online training that is easily available through the WSL notifications. She mentioned the loss of training funds affecting regional activity. She was able to attend the SIRSIDYNIX super conference for LCCC.

Region 6 – Claire is seeking her replacement. Volunteers are welcome.

Submitted by Patty Myers