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February 19, 2009
10:35 11:35 a.m. phone conference

  1. Roll Call

    In attendance Regional Council: Mary Jayne Jordan
    Dolores Koch, Washakie County Library Region 2 rep
    Karen Hopkins, Converse County Library Region 4 rep
    Cara Nett, Laramie County Library System Region 5 rep

    Others in attendance: Brian Green, WYLD office

    Absent: Jill Mackey, Crook County Library Region 3 rep
    Ana Cuprill, Sublette County Library - Region 1 rep
    Marilyn Heiner, Star Valley Branch Library - Region 6 rep

  2. Welcome and introduction of participants

    Karen Hopkins volunteered to record the meeting.

  3. Approval of minutes

    The minutes of May 13, 2008 were forwarded by Marilyn Heiner via e-mail for review by the Council.

    Karen moved the minutes be approved as presented. Cara seconded. Minutes approved.

  4. Approval of agenda

    Dolores moved to approved. Karen seconded. Approved.

  5. Region Reports
    1. Region 1 no report
    2. Region 2 Delores reported Region 2 met February for a brief meeting. Laura Crossett gave a behind the scenes view of EBSCO. Minutes of meeting to be posted.
    3. Region 3 Jill forwarded information to Mary Jayne that that region had nothing to report.
    4. Region 4 Karen reported Region 4 had not met since last February. A recommendation to resolve patron database duplication was forwarded to the appropriate committee. Casper College Western History Center is a new member of the region with Kevin Anderson as director. Brian added that this library has been separated from Casper College Library, is a full member of WYLD, and Kevin is also the current representative for Special Libraries.
    5. Region 5 Cara hopes they can meet in March. She will contact the former rep to see where the region might have been headed. She hopes to have Bobbi Thorpe do some basic cataloging training at their next meeting.
    6. Region 6 no report
  6. WYLD office report:
    1. Only Brian will attend the Sirsi/Dynix, formerly Super Conference now Joint Conference, because of the lack of enough beneficial programming opportunities. Patty Myers is considering who will attend to represent the WYLD Network. Brian will also be a presenter at the conference which will defray costs.
    2. A WYLD Network strategic planning meeting is set for tomorrow, Feb. 20. Mary Jayne will be in attendance. AS WYLD, formerly Wyoming Libraries Database, has grown beyond that name and now represents Wyoming libraries to many outside of the WYLD community, the future and name of the organization will be under consideration. Current components include the Sirsi/Dynix system, the databases, VDX, etc. WLA (Wyoming Library Association), resource sharing and other issues also play a part in the larger picture. A WYLD visioning document that will clarify what is happening among the various groups is being prepared and will be available to all later. Libraries should watch for the document. Mary Jayne and Patty were invited to be involved in the process.
    3. Brian also noted that the business of the meeting will be official as a quorum was present.
    4. Brian discussed C Client vs. Java vs. a web client. The web client might have benefits for smaller libraries and those with connectivity/broadband issues, but Sirsi is not giving much support to this product. He has been in contact with Sirsi on this issue.
  7. Topics/Training for WYLD Annual Meeting in DuBois, June 18th-June 19th:

    Discussion followed on the timeline and migration to the Java client and the possibility of making this a major training segment of the annual meeting. The possibility of a half-day morning interactive session with annual meeting attendees, followed by breakout sessions for circulation, cataloging, etc. in the afternoon was discussed in more depth. Region reps presented suggestions and concerns on behalf of their regions. Mary Jayne and Brian will take this information to the strategic planning meeting. Dolores said region WYLD president is arranging who representation for the Network. Brian will also be a co-reps each need to go to their specific region to get specific information on Java training ideas as well as training issues regions might like to see addressed at the annual meeting.

  8. New Business:

    No new business to consider.

  9. Next Meeting:

    March 19, 10:30-11:30 a.m. via conference call

  10. Adjournment:

    Dolores moved to adjourn. Cara seconded. Approved.