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WYLD NETWORK Governing Board

January 30, 2007

Present: Dale Collum, Becky Hawkins, Marci Mock, Greg Ebare (recorder), Brian Greene, Lesley Boughton, Patty Myers, Katie Jones, Mary Jayne Jordan, Karen Lange

Approval of Agenda
The meeting began right at 10:00 am with the approval of the previous meeting’s minutes. Marci motioned to approve and Katie seconded. The minutes were approved.

Agenda Items
The items on the agenda were next introduced for approval. Marci motioned to approve the agenda items and Mary Jayne seconded. The agenda items were approved.

  1. Annual Meeting:
    This year’s annual network meeting will be held in Torrington on May 31 and June 1. The meeting will use the facilities at Eastern Wyoming College. The WYLD Office will use the recent WYLD Training Committee survey results and key information from SuperConference 2007 to determine what training should be considered for the meeting. There is a WYLD Network budget of $4,084.26 available for this meeting. The planning committee will be putting together a budget for approval by the Governing Board. There was a question about the usefulness of the email room at last year’s meeting. It was agreed that the email room was well used. Brian was thanked for his work.
  2. WYLD Report (Brian Greene)
    Brian presented the WYLD office report which was emailed to everyone before the meeting. Some of the highlights:

    GL 3.1
    The upgrade went pretty smoothly with only a few small problems. GL 3.2 is supposed to be available towards the end of this year. That would mean that WYLD would look to upgrade sometime next year, with a possible focus on moving to the WorkFlows Java client in 2008


    SuperConference 2007
    The SirsiDynix SuperConference is close this year (Colorado Springs). The Gov Board will be well represented. It was noted that with the close proximity, this is a good opportunity for member libraries to send staff.

    This SirsiDynix product is being studied for its usefulness by the WYLD office. It has some great possibilities, but is also very expensive. At this point, EPS (Enterprise Portal Solution) is still being researched. Katie mentioned the importance of taking all types of libraries into account when working on content development for this product.

    Unique Management Trial
    The trial will begin in February for the three libraries who will test this service designed to help libraries recover overdue materials and monies. The public libraries are in Albany, Laramie and Natrona counties. If the trial goes well, other member libraries will be able to try the service for ninety days.

    This collection of downloadable videos (thus the dv) will be available on a trial basis soon. It needs a player download, but seems simple to use, with some great titles available.

    VDX, Director’s Station, Leader Alerts
    The next upgrade of VDX (3.1) is coming soon. It will use NCIP protocol which is said to be more complete in facilitating ILL’s in a more streamlined fashion. Director’s Station usage is up! More training is coming. Leader Alerts for when our email server goes down are still being worked on.

There was a question about the recent acquisition of SirsiDynix by a private equity group. There is little concern at the state about any changes to the quality of our network or our relationship to SirsiDynix Corporation. One other note, Seaport Capital of New York was the previous majority investor in Sirsi from 1999 - 2007. SirsiDynix press release:

Our next meeting will be held sometime after the annual meeting planning has been completed.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 10:40.

Minutes Submitted by

Greg Ebare