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WYLDCat Members Governing Board
Annual Report

WYLDCat Members is a consortium which provides a framework for library service for the citizens of Wyoming. At its heart is a dedicated and loyal WYLD Support Team that works from the office and from home, with the politically savvy state librarian as its visionary leader. I am so excited about the work being done by true WYLD committees, the WYLD Portal Committee and the Resource Sharing Committee. The roles they play in improving the integrated library system, our consortium, is invaluable. Both Lesley Boughton and Brian Greene will report on the work of these WYLD committees.

It is our responsibility to be good neighbors, good partners, and good participants in WYLD activities. Another of our goals in our strategic plan is to have a budget estimate ready in January, with the final budget available after the legislature has met and after the COSUGI conference in the spring. Thanks to the hard work of our Budget and Fees Committee and the Training Committee, we are reaching another of our strategic goals by providing regional training. According to our bylaws, regions select/elect their representatives… it is not my role as president to appoint someone. Therefore, I am encouraging regions with representatives that have served two consecutive two-year terms to look for replacements. If we want our training efforts to flow smoothly, it should not be left solely to the Training Committee's representative to arrange and coordinate regional trainings. I would like the names of those replacements by July 1st so that we can get them posted on the Regional Council's page and make certain they get signed up for the distribution lists. Frances and I and our new Vice President will be happy to work with new council members so they don't feel as though they have been tossed into the lion's den.

Someone suggested that I use this teachable moment about the importance of the Wyoming Library Planning Calendar:

WYLDCat Member committees, Regional Council, and Governing Board are strongly advised to post their meetings there. I have been consistent in posting meetings there so that if a board member missed a meeting and the minutes were sent out late then they still knew the time and date of the next meeting. In addition to WYLDCat events there are also training opportunities listed as well as Wyoming Library Association events. The calendar is user friendly and is an essential tool for us to use. I too am still old- fashioned and still keep two separate paper calendars at work, but part of that is so that if I have a substitute they can still find key dates and events without a computer. My family uses an online calendar to share meeting and event times and dates. With three of us trying to coordinate our activities and the children's activities it would be extremely problematic.

I would like to take a minute to thank the Governing Board for the hours and dedication they spent serving you. I would also like to thank all those who served on our committees. Next week I will email pdfs for our appreciation certificates. However, in the meantime I will post a list of those who are receiving certificates. Every year we need to remember and thank the WYLD Support Team at the State Library who has the burden of equipment, programs, training, funding, and vision for the intrastate consortium.

I truly realize how busy we all are, but we have important work to do and our patrons are relying on us to get the job done. I am volunteering to serve on the Nominating Committee for the next two years. Next week I will be sending out emails to specific library types for nominations for the Governing Board positions that are open. After a slate of candidates has been compiled, each library type will receive a ballot via Survey Monkey to vote on a representative for their type. This is in accordance with our bylaws as all of us (delegates) are only allowed to vote for Vice President/President Elect, Member at Large and our specific library type. With a public meeting in an electronic format we are taking baby steps in a new venture. My hope is that the new Governing Board is in place by July 1, 2011.

One other thing that I want to plant the seeds for now is that the fees and budget committee will be getting back to work in the near future. We need to consider the shift in costs of regional trainings as opposed to a once-a-year-training session (as in former years). Again, this format for the Annual Business Meeting was suggested at the Directors Retreat last fall. We will need to evaluate the success of this meeting and plan for the future. I truly believe that the training committee and WYLD Support Staff are on the right track by going to the people instead of the people coming to them. What better way is there to discover that the settings on someone's workstation may need tweaking…. Our time is limited and precious so let's maximize what we have to our benefit.

Thank you for coming and for your attention. Let's get the show on the road.

Respectfully submitted by Mary Jayne Jordan, WYLDCAT Members President