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WYLDCat Members Governing Board
Annual Report

WYLDCat Members is a consortium which provides a framework for library service for the citizens of Wyoming. At its heart is a dedicated and loyal staff that works from the office and from home, with the politically savvy state librarian as its visionary leader. As stake holders in the consortium, we are still struggling with finding the right name for ourselves. To continue to call ourselves WYLD was a misnomer because of the success of the branding. When we talk to members of the legislature, they think of WYLD as all libraries in Wyoming, which is a good thing. But the reality is the consortium is only a small number of libraries in the state. We consist of public libraries, academic libraries, some special libraries, and a few school libraries. One of the consortium’s strategic plan goals is growth, and the two library types where we can grow are special libraries and school libraries. That is why I am so excited about the work being done by true WYLD committees, the WYLD Portals Committee and the Resource Sharing Committee. The roles they play in improving the integrated library system, our consortium, is invaluable. In order to market ourselves to schools, we need a product that helps with spelling and is more “Google-like” with “did you mean” prompts to help guide students. I had a call from a Follett saleswoman this spring. Obviously she did not know she had the consortium’s president on the phone. She mistakenly claimed that the system we use is not 21st century learner ready. Our conversation soon became one of each of us trying to convince the other of the value of our products…she did eventually hang up on me.

As a governing board, we worked on revising the strategic plan this year. According to our bylaws we are required to meet four times a year but we have met monthly so far this year. We will take a recess until October when we will be looking at the Governing Board Handbook. In the meantime an ad hoc committee will be revising the Annual Meeting Planning Handbook.

It is our responsibility to be good neighbors, good partners, and good participants in WYLD activities. Another of our goals in our strategic plan is to have a budget estimate ready in January, with the final budget available after the legislature has meet and after the COSUGI conference in the Spring. Thanks to the hard work of our Budget and Fees Committee and the Training Committee, we are reaching another of our strategic goals by providing regional training. According to our bylaws, regions select/elect their representatives… it is not my role as president to appoint someone. Therefore, I am encouraging regions with representatives that have served two consecutive two-year terms to look for replacements. If we want our training efforts to flow smoothly, it should not be left solely to the Training Committee’s representative to arrange and coordinate regional trainings. I would like the names of those replacements by July 1st so that we can get them posted on the Regional Council’s page and make certain they get signed up for the distribution lists. Frances and I will be happy to work with new council members so they don’t feel as though they have been tossed into the lion’s den.

I would like to take a minute to thank the Governing Board for the hours and dedication they spent serving you. I would also like to thank all those who served on our committees. We will have a streamlined presentation with our appreciation certificates at the end of the meeting. But no one deserves our thanks more than Kristin Herr and her staff for providing us with a relaxed and productive learning opportunity. Every year we need to remember and thank the WYLD team at the State Library who have the burden of equipment, programs, training, funding, and vision for the intrastate consortium.

Altogether, the business of the consortium has been dealt with in a responsible and timely manner. Thank you for coming and for your attention. Let’s get the show on the road.

Mary Jayne Jordan,