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WYLD NETWORK Governing Board

January 19th, 2011

Minutes recorded by Kashawna White

  1. Welcome and Roll Call
    Board members present were Mary Jayne Jordan, Lesley Boughton, Brian Greene, Frances Clymer, Sally Hoover, Kristin Herr, Liz Gaines
    Invited: Susan Simpson, WYLD Training Committee chair
  2. Approval of Agenda
    Sally moved to accept the agenda and Liz seconded. Motion carried.
  3. Approval of Minutes -
    Kristin move to accept the revised minutes that Kashawna took at the December meeting and Sally seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  4. President's Report - Mary Jayne Jordan
    Mary Jayne Jordan reviewed what needs to be done before the annual meeting: according to our bylaws we need to review the Strategic Plan annually. If we are doing this year's annual business meeting by phone then we don't need to update the Annual Meeting Planning Handbook at this time. However, the Delegate's Handbook has not been updated since 2004 and we need to look at it and see what needs revision. There are name changes and links that need updating in the document at the very least. This is our task before the next meeting.
  5. WYLD Office Report – Brian Greene
    Brian recapped the WYLDnews that went to all last week as his report. There were five points:
    1. Symphony 3.3.1 update is rapidly approaching—this is the last update the C client will survive and part of that may not function properly. The WYLD Support Team urges CWF users to move to JWF.
    2. The Director's Station update is next week—Marc and Des are fielding questions about recreating the reports libraries created in the old version DS.
    3. The VDX update is February 1st .
    4. There is no date yet for the update to Symphony 3.4 (C Client is dead at this point). They would like to do upgrade by the end of the 2nd quarter this year (April-June).
    5. We must improve the users' (our patrons and our own) experience with WYLDCat, our public interface, our online catalog. Besides the enhancements that will come with January's Symphony upgrade, they plan to add a couple of more features later this year. There will be more about that in spring.
    Finally, Brian strongly encouraged us to go the Archives for the 36 minute archive of "A WYLD and Harmonious Upgrade to Symphony 3.3.1" which can be found by following this link: Http://
  6. Training Committee report Susan Simpson
    Susan reported on the Training Committee's plan for implementing training. The committee is working with the WYLD Support Team to start region training. The training topics were extracted from a survey of Region 5 completed in 2010. The WYLD Support Team is preparing training for that region. Efforts started there since it is winter and they are closest geographically to the WYLD office. Region Four volunteered to follow Region Five. The thinking is to fine tune training before going to the outlying regions.
  7. New business
    Susan Simpson suggested Mary Jayne survey directors as to their date preference for the WYLDCat Members annual meeting to take place via LeaderPhone conference call either in May or June.

    Lesley Boughton reported that the Wyoming Places project, lead by Venice Beske, is proceeding smoothly using SirsiDynix's Portfolio product (which uses SD Enterprise, their search and discovery tool). She shared the exciting news that the product developer, Drew Nelson, and Jim Wilson (founder of Dynix and WY native & resident) will be at the Legislative Reception to demonstrate a Microsoft Surface table version of the project. She encouraged us to attend the Legislative Reception on January 27th.

  8. Set a time for the next conference call
    February 9, 2011 from 10:45-11:45. Date is posted on the planning calendar.
  9. Adjournment
    Liz made a motion that we adjourn and Sally seconded the motion. Motion carried