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WYLD NETWORK Governing Board

December 1st, 2010

Minutes recorded by Kashawna White

  1. Welcome and Roll Call
    Present: Mary Jayne Jordan, Frances Clymer, Sally Hoover, Kashawna White, Kristin Herr, Lesley Boughton, Brian Greene
  2. Approval of Agenda
    Kashawna moved that the agenda be approved, Frances seconded.
  3. Approval of Minutes - minutes will be found at this web site once they are posted: Minutes were not posted, we will approve them next meeting
  4. President's Report - Mary Jayne Jordan
    Game plan for the year-Handbook Revisions. Mary Jayne wants to divide up sections like we did last year to complete this task. Mary Jayne would like to discuss further the Annual Meeting and options for this next year.
  5. WYLD Office Report Brian Greene
    • WYLD staff is busy preparing for the upcoming upgrade the Symphony Software. There is no target date yet.
    • WYLD is finalizing specifications for the Director's Stations server. This will allow us to upgrade software for DS.
    • Bobbi and Brian are working on preparations for the yearly authority processing.
    • Brian received word that Casper College Western Center no longer wants to be part of the consortium.
  6. Training Committee report if Susan is available (she was not)
    Frances reported that the Regional Council and the Training committee are targeting Regional sessions for training purposes. This is starting in Laramie Co. (Region 5). WYLD will be training in each region.
  7. Annual meeting - Suggestions?
    Discussions regarding whether to have an Annual meeting with training, or whether we can do a business meeting via Leader Phone conferencing , and leave any training that might be needed to Training committee and Regional council Lesley suggested it was not useful, in terms of training, for Directors to come to the Annual meeting just for a business meeting, since they do not usually require the training that accompanies the Annual meeting.
  8. New business
    It was decided by committee that we will have a phone business meeting in late spring, early summer.
    We will evaluate this way of doing the business meeting next year, to see if it worked.
    Kristin moved to approve a phone conference business meeting, in lieu of a face-to-face meeting for Annual meeting. Kashawna seconded the motion. All approved.
    The next governing meeting will discuss how we will vote for offices during this face-to-face meeting.
  9. Set a time for the next conference call
    1/19/2011, beginning at 10:45. Mary Jayne will send out a reminder prior to the meeting.
  10. Adjournment
    Motion to adjourn meeting at 11:15