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WYLD NETWORK Governing Board

May 6th, 2010 Telephone conference - 1:30pm

Present: Mary Jayne Jordan, Brian Greene, Liz Gaines, Kashawna White, Lesley Boughton, Sally Hoover, Kristin Herr Absent: Susan Richards, Kevin Anderson, Frances Clymer

Welcome: Mary Jayne opened the meeting at 1:35, and roll call established a quorum.

Agenda and Minutes: The agenda was approved (Herr/Hoover). The typo in the year on the minutes of April 15 was corrected and the minutes were approved as corrected (Herr/Hoover).

WYLD Office Report: Brian discussed a wide variety of topics including:

The new servers have been delivered. The test server is located at the Emerson Building Data Center and the production server will be placed in the Herschler Building Data Center to provide hot failover. The test server installation took 3 days to bring online.

Although WYLD Office staff suggested that the production server be installed over the Memorial Day weekend, SirsiDynix has a tight schedule and has offered to be available the week of May 24. Lesley asked if the test server could be used during this time. Marc Stratton joined the meeting and explained that the upgrade from ISAM to Oracle as the database engine on the new servers is a major data conversion. The test server could be used for catalog searches but not for transactions. He recommended that the Java Client standalone be used during the down time. He does not anticipate major problems.

A discussion of the standalone client followed. The WYLD Office will provide several webinars on Standalone use during the weeks of May 10 and 17 and Carbon County will share a tech note they have already prepared based on use in real time.

Mary Jayne moved that the installation be scheduled for the week of May 24. (Hoover second). The motion passed.

Brian reported that problems with Directors Station have been resolved. Consideration of the purchase of the Staff Web interface will be deferred until after the installation of the production server. WYLD staff, the state librarian and the WYLDCat training committee had an opportunity to see a demonstration of the SD learning management software ‘Mentor’ and are interested in learning more about the product.

The upgrade from Symphony 3.2.1 to Symphony 3.3.1 will be done sometime after the WYLD annual meeting but definitely before the end of 2010.

The WYLD Portal committee is moving forward with demonstrations or search and discovery products.

Committee Reports

Governance and Bylaws: The Governing Board will take action on the recommendations of this committee on June 2 and forward the document for vote at the business meeting on June 4.

Online Quality: No report

Nominating: will recruit next week

Training Committee: Meets Monday, May 10

Budget and Fees Committee: Mary Jayne read a message from the Brenda McGinnis about recommendations. No formal action can be taken by the Governing Board since the full committee has not yet approved the recommendations. It is anticipated they will do so by 5:00 PM on May 7. Mary Jayne asked if the budget and fees should be approved by e-mail or at the June 2 meeting. The Board had no preference.

Kristin moved that the budget and fees by approved at the June 2 meeting. (Hoover second). The motion passed.

WYLDCat Annual Meeting

Kristin reported on local arrangements. Brian said that topics and a schedule of training sessions are expected immediately following the Training Committee meeting on Monday.

Kristin suggested that a reminder e-mail be sent to members. Mary Jayne will send a draft of such an e-mail to Brian on the 7th.

New Business: None

Next Meeting June 2, 2010 at 6:00 PM at The Ranch Restaurant and Bar, 2802 Rochelle Dr., Rawlins.

Motion to adjourn was passed at 2:25 PM (Herr/White).

Minutes done and submitted by Lesley Boughton