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WYLD NETWORK Governing Board

March 11, 2010 Telephone conference - 1:30pm

Present: Mary Jayne Jordan, Frances Clymer, Susan Richards, Sally Hoover, Kashawna White, Elizabeth Gaines, Kristin Herr, Brian Green all from the Gov Board; Brenda McGinnis, Fees and Budget; Patty Myers, Bylaws.

Absent: Kevin Anderson, Lesley Boughton

Open: Mary Jayne opened the meeting, established the quorum and reviewed the agenda.

Minutes: Motion was made by Kristin, seconded by Frances, and passed to accept the minutes of the January 26, 2010 meeting. Notes from the February 11 meeting were approved.

President's Report: Mary Jayne reported that she had a attended the User's Conference sponsored by SIRSI/DYNIX in Florida, and it was cold.

WYLD Office Report: Brian continued the discussion of the COSUGI meeting saying there were six attendees from WYLD, 700 total attendees (down from 1,200) with 70 representatives from Sirsi Dynix responding to questions and making presentations. The mix of creators and users is what makes this conference unusual and essential to WYLD. Brian used the example of a lunch on Friday when WY and Montana librarians shared an unreported problem which is now being addressed and fixed by the corporation. This networking opportunity is the genius of the conference. It also provides opportunity to learn the direction in programing for all avenues of library automation and changes in cataloging, acquistion, etc. Brian talked about the process towards Symphony, which is slow coming, and the WYLD office will compile of list of changes with a time line. Training issues are also considered from this list. Brian reported that the server has been ordered and should be in Utah where SirsiDynix hardware is installed. When completed the server will be placed in two different state data centers which protects the WYLD system from total failure.

Strategic Planning: Mary Jayne asked Brenda to present information on Fees and Budget. Brenda met with Jack Wilmarth and Brian in February to discuss biennial needs to meet the WYLD budget which is based on the circulation and item counts. Overall there will be almost 5% increase, but less for some more for others dependent on the counts. Hopefully LSTA will be able to offset some of the expense, but WY budgets will be in place by July and the federal budget not until October. Strategically this form of budget continues to be a problem for the WYLD time line as we are state, county, academic and federal dependent Susan pointed out that academics need numbers by December for their budget work. Preliminary numbers by January would even help, and the discussion concluded with that intention. Brenda will meet with her committee next week to discuss the timeline, current budget, training needs and the network fee of $400.

The Strategic Area for Funding, Direction A is complete: Evaluate institutional fee budget and report to members. Dirction B: Provide adequate funding; B-1 time line continues to be a work in progress with good suggestions to change to a Dec. estimate; B-2 Brenda and committee wil examine, update and communicate the fee structure; B-3 done when Mary Jayne and WYLD staff attended conference; B-4 Brenda and committee will work with Susan Simpson and the training committee about creating a "line item" for training in the budget or in the annual meeting budget. Direction C Investigate hiring a trainer will be considered with the training step, and possible use of SirsDynix or a vendor at WYLD or WLA.

The Strategic Plan for Technology was reviewed by Sally, Kristin, and Mary Jayne. Overall the WYLD Office fulfills Direction A Invsestigate technology continually..., but the question of the portal committee for A-1 Explore establishing a committee was discussed thoroughly using the Teton County move to an open source self check. It was finally decided that an ad hoc committee could be use as needed of any specific technology inquiry, but probably none is needed right now. A-2 and A-3 is also continuous throughout the system and especially at the WYLD office. A-4 has been accomplished, moving from from C -Client to Java this year. A-5 and A-6 are also continuous.

Annual Meeting: Kristin reported on her efforts in Carbon county. She has sent hotel information and will continue to send to listservs. She is working on the budget, especially catering options and a Thursday bbq at the Frontier Prison and a possible Friday tour at the new prison. The Budget should be to the Governing Board by April and final plans for training and costs should be available by late April, early May.

New Business: Brian recommended that handbook changes cannot be completed until the bylaws are updated, which Patty, Brian and Mary Jayne have not done.

Next: Thursday, April 15 to finalize annual meeting and the fees and budget report. 1:30 p.m. telephone conference.

Adjournment: Susan made a motion to adjourn. Kashawna seconded. Meeting was adjourned at 2:50 p.m.

Submitted by Patty