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WYLD NETWORK Governing Board

February 11, 2010 Telephone conference - 1:30pm

Present: Mary Jayne Jordan, Lesley Boughton, Frances Clymer, Kashawna White, Patty Myers, Susan Simpson.

*No Quorum, therefore, an informational meeting held.

Discussion of Training Committee survey on Java Client was lead by Susan Simpson. Susan was pleased with the number of comments to survey and stated Brian Greene was pleased with the comments overall. Susan clarified some of the points on the survey. Notes and comments on the survey were sent via email by Susan on 2/2/2010.

Susan discussed the training on Java that will likely come out of this survey and hopes to have more information by the next meeting. There may be some more detailed statistics on the survey she can share. Training Committee will work with WYLD to provide some training at the WYLD Annual meeting in Rawlins. In addition, training on Director’s Station is a likely session at that time also.

Patty Myers gave a brief overview of the Bylaws Committee’s efforts to revise the bylaws. Changes include:

Governance subcommittee will meet and report at next meeting.

Lesley informed the group that the servers have been approved and will be shipped to UT for programming.

The next conference call is scheduled for March 11, 2010 at 1:30

Notes submitted by Kashawna White