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WYLD NETWORK Governing Board

November 10, 2009 Telephone conference - 1:30pm

Present: Mary Jayne Jordan, Susan Richards, Sally Hoover, Kevin Anderson, Kristin Herr, Lesley Boughton, Brian Greene, Karen Hopkins, Patty Myers

Welcome and Intros: Mary Jayne welcomed the board and asked for a roll call and introductions. Patty volunteered to be the recorder for this meeting.

Agenda: Susan made a motion to approve the agenda; Kristin seconded; and the motion passed.

Minutes: Minutes from the May 6 meeting, posted on line, were reviewed. Kevin made the motion to accept the minutes; Susan seconded, and the motion passed.

President's Report: Mary Jayne said she had been completing the committee appointments, which are posted on line. Laura Crossett, elected Smaller Public Library Rep, has had to withdraw from the board, and Mary Jayne will contact Liz Gaines (her election opponent) as her replacement.

WYLD Office: Brian presented a brief report thanking the board for the prompt response to the server changes (on-line vote). He said he is in the process of replacing equipment and hardware as approved. He is verifying the five years of guarantee and the protection of continuity with new servers.

Strategic Plan Review is a goal for the next meeting. Mary Jayne said she had trouble finding information on resignations and email voting. The by-law review needs to be included in this process also. Patty said she would try to get something done by the end of December.

Handbook review should also be included because the three documents should work together. All three documents can be found on line.

New Business: Kristin offered two dates for the 2010 Annual Meeting in Rawlins, June 3-4 and June 17-18. Representatives will poll their groups for a preference and respond by Friday, Nov. 13, via email.

Fees and budget committee will begin meeting fairly soon as they are involved in the legislative requests and responses

Next meeting conference call was set for January 26.

The meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

Notes submitted by Patty Myers