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WYLD NETWORK Governing Board

March 31, 2009, 1:30 pm Telephone conference

Present: Brian Green, Patty Myers, Mary Jayne Jordan, Susan Richards, Sally Hoover, Stephen Sarazin, Kevin Anderson, Kashawna White

Brian was the first on line and tracked attendees. Patty began the meeting at 1:31 asking for a report on the Annual Meeting plans, Dubois, June 18 - 19. There was a discussion about the morning sharing in a full session of attendees focusing on Java changes with breakout sessions during the afternoon.

Paula Sabatka had prepared an event budget which was reviewed and discussed. Stephen made a motion to accept the budget with a couple of additions provided by the Governing Board. Kevin seconded the motion, and the motion passed. The Board discussed the cost per person, but it was decided that Patty needed to talk to Jack Willmarth to verify money available to match expenses. She will send out information and ask for a Board vote via email.

The Regional Council had held a discussion on the move to Java from C Client which Mary Jayne explained. WYLD Strategic Planning also made a recommendation about the move. Brian explained that the WYLD office itself is looking to discontinue support for the C Client, however there will by a move from Symphony 2.1 to 3.3, probably this summer . There was considerable discussion about a message from the Governing Board, because we are leaving C Client with reluctance, especially by technical service which finds Java a much slower system. Mary Jayne said the Regional Council decision was based on two things: reducing the workload for the WYLD office which every day pulls up both programs and maintains both; and SIRSI/Dynix is moving away from the maintenance of the C Client. Stephen described the transition as inevitable, which led to a discussion of options for the move and a different time line than the one suggested by the Strategic Plan. It was decided that we need more pros and cons, and it could be a valid discussion for the Annual Meeting with recommendations from three sources and some alternatives.

With the Strategic Plan on draft 2, Patty and Brian talked about the possibility of a name change for WYLD. Brian talked about the history of the name and the visioning pursued by the WSL for the division of "big" WYLD and "little" WYLD. Statewide and by the state legislators, WYLD means all libraries so the brand "WYLD" has reached far beyond the integrated library system that began as WYLD. Patty emailed a list of names under consideration, but over all the Board is not sure that we need a name change. Depending on the customer, whether the name is for an internal use or external, WYLD may still be okay. So we will wait for a WSL release of a vision statement and the Strategic Plan to continue the discussion, and maybe take suggestions to a membership vote.

Patty asked if the new look for WYLDCAT was getting good or bad reports. Both.

With no other business, the meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m. There will probably be one more conference call before the annual meeting.

Notes from Patty