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February 4th, 2009

WYLD Governing Board

February 4, 2009, Email meeting for WYLD Governing Board

Please Consider This Your January WYLD Meeting--

Fremont County Library System, Dubois Branch has offered to host the annual meeting, and we accepted their offer in October. Now they propose Thursday/Friday meeting dates, June 18 and 19, with a registration and social on Wednesday evening. A list of meeting room spaces has been sent to help the WYLD Office, Mary Jayne and Susan to consolidate training plans. Brian reports that the WYLD office hopes to be moving by early May. So he likes the later meeting date this year. We need to accept or deny this proposal. PLEASE send me a YES or NO response for the meeting dates. I need a consensus of approval for the June 18-19 date right away, please. ( Vote response 7 yes, 1 no)

Brian reported on:
Workshops/Training for the annual meeting are always open to discussion -- Governing Board members, "Do you have any requests or ideas?" Do you know someone who might be a good trainer on a specific topic? Are you a trainer? Please share your ideas by Feb. 20.

Brian noted that Java WorkFlows (JWF) training will have to be part of the package. The web client that the WYLD Office wants SirsiDynix (SD) to fully develop is NOT happening for a year or two IF that. We must prepare all for the use of JWF.

He stated that the current C, or CWF, client is still usable through the Symphony 3.3 upgrade. WYLD Network is currently using Symphony 3.2.1. The WYLD Office has not scheduled an upgrade date for Sym. 3.3.

Feb 15 is early registration deadline for the SD Super Conference: This is the first time that Sirsi's Symphony users have "conferenced" with Dynix/ Horizon users. If any of you are interested in attending as a WYLD representative, please notify me ASAP. Brian may have additional things he wants to say about the conference. Stay tuned.

WYLD Strategic Planning Committee will be meeting in Cheyenne on Feb. 20. This ad hoc committee will review the five focus areas of the old plan: Governance, Technology, Training, Marketing, Funding. Have you read that plan? Do you see how far we have come since then? Do you have suggestions for immediate needs or long term plans?

Have you read the Delegates handbook and bylaws to see the other things we do?

Please respond with suggestions for the strategic plan to me.

Thank you for making this email meeting possible. I look forward to seeing your responses, because I know you all have lots of ideas to talk about.

Submitted by Patty