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WYLD NETWORK Governing Board

May 13, 2008

WYLD Governing Board
Meeting - October 22, 2008
Telephone conference 9:00 a.m.

The Entire Board was present: Brian Greene, Lesley Boughton, Kevin Anderson, Deb Sturman, Stephen Sarazin, Kashawna White, Sally Hoover, Susan Richards, Mary Jayne Jordan, Patty Myers, plus Trish Palluck and Karen Hopkins.

Patty opened the meeting with a welcome for Kashawna and Kevin for their first meeting since their election.

The location for the 2009 Annual Meeting was not decided at the Buffalo meeting. Dubois Branch Library, Fremont County, has offered to host. Kashawna made the motion to accept their offer; Susan seconded and the motion resoundingly passed. Patty will confirm with Jill Rourke and Paula Sabatka, with thanks.

Committee Reports:

Mary Jayne stopped by to briefly report that the Regional Council had not yet met, but will pursue any directions that we have for them. If Governing Board members hear training needs from their regions, please let her know. Karen Hopkins reported that the Wyoming Libraries Foundation has hosted the Saturday workshop at WLA for foundation and library board members. She said her board especially came back enthusiastic about fund raising possibilities. There was good attendance, and the Foundation is pleased with that.

Brenda McGinnis and Patty have responded to inquiries about the Fees and Budget and funding for trainers. Brian said that he too has been approached and that budget will no doubt be a topic for the "big picture" efforts to begin shortly, and Brian, Jack Willmarth, Patty and Brenda will probably all be involved in that.

Strategic Planning Committee: Patty has been working on the organization of this ad hoc committee to be chaired by Luci Osborn, but Lesley, Luci and the state's directors have begun a discussion of the "big picture" WYLD and the need to clarify the roles of WSL, WLA and WYLD and the impact of the workforce study recently completed. WYLD is the integrated library system for all public libraries and that integrated system is the major source of big WYLD. However there are more non-members than there are member libraries in the state, and there are other issues of collaborative resources, training, information portals and even the foundation that should concern the big WYLD. Our strategic planning would logically pursue the bigger concepts with more directed goals as a second stage. Lesley hopes to incorporate a small committee very soon–Mary Jayne and Patty from WYLD, Cynthia and Brian for WLA, Lesley and Brian for WSL, and probably 2 academics and Lucie as chair.

WYLD Office Report: Trish talked about Resource Sharing/VDX upgrades for the weekend of Nov. 8 - 9 , Sat. night to be done by Sun opening. It is not a major change, primarily cosmetic with a few new functions. TAZ has it available for preview. Brian had four items to share:

  1. The upgrade this week caused some concern at the WYLD office but evidently is not causing problems at libraries. He sent out messages yesterday for Java and C clients but has had minimal response. Board members gave him some feedback.
  2. More changes are coming with an eLibrary upgrage. This ibistro uplink is also on TAZ to preview. The test server, TAZ, contract is being reviewed and will probably be changed with a lower cost and maybe a different product. Director's Station upgrade is coming but it will probably have more of a server impact than user impact.
  3. Marc Stratton has been called for a 6 month term on jury duty which may or may not cause interruptions in upgrade schedules.
  4. The Oct 17 telecommunications survey is NOT yet out because there is a national survey currently being filled, and it was decided that there would be too much confusion with both out at the same time.

Governing Board members were queried for questions or information. With no other business, the meeting adjourned at 9:40 a.m. No plans were made for another meeting (but it will probably be toward the end of January).

Notes submitted by Patty