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WYLD NETWORK Governing Board

May 13, 2008

WYLD Governing Board
Meeting - May 13th, 2008
Telephone conference

Present: Patty Myers, Mary Jayne Jordan, Susan Richards, Marci Mock, Stephen Sarazin, Deb Sturman, Katie Jones, Brian Greene, Brenda McGinnis

Approval of the Minutes, April 25, 2008, phone conference.
Susan made the motion to approve the minutes with the spelling correction; Marci seconded, and the motion passed.

Annual Budget
Brenda reviewed the process including the original board discussion, Brian's notification to directors, and the committee's May 5th meeting and recommendation to accept the proposed budget. There was a siginficant increase with Q&A from regional directors about the differences in the statistics, how the formula works, the slowness of the process. Brenda reiterated the formula that includes collection size and circulation. WYLD is dependent upon the State Legislature and SIRSI/Dynix for funding and costs before it can put the formula to work. The State pays 60% and WYLD members pay 40% of costs, and the process occurs every two years with the State's budget.

Marci made the motion to accept the proposed budget as presented; Katie seconded, and the motion passed. Patty thanked Brian for getting word out to the directors for their budget process and Brenda and the committed for their detailed work.

Patron Database
Marci presented the second half of the charges given to her committee which the board discussed. Katie made a motion to accept the changes for the patron database; Stephen seconded, and the motion passed. The proposal now goes to the Regional Council meeting for approval.

Marci will deliver the information during the training sessions at the Annual Meeting in June. She suggested that we might want to make this a permanent committee because of the feedback that she had received during the process. Patty suggested it might be a discussion for the strategic planning committee.

Julie Farr, chair, and Patty are unclear about the process which is not well defined in the bylaws. Only the Large Public and Special representatives are open this year. After discussion, it was clarified that Large Public, Special, and Academics are elected by their constituents only. but the Nominating Committee does create the ballot and the election takes place at the Annual Meeting.

Annual Meeting Schedule
Mary Jayne, the Buffalo hosts, and Brian's WYLD office staff have been working like troopers this week to complete the planning for training, rooms, meals. They asked for input from the Governing Board on the training sessions and the timing for a general session. The board members gave it.

With no other business at hand the board adjourned.
Submitted by Patty Myers