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WYLD NETWORK Governing Board

December 5, 2007

WYLD Governing Board
Meeting - February 15th
Telephone conference

Present: Patty Myers, Brian Greene, Lesley Boughton, Stephen Sarazin, Karen Lange (Academic sub), Katie Jones, Marci Mock (6 of 8 voting members present)

Call to order: The Feb. 15 meeting was called to order by President Patty for the main purpose of reviewing and discussion the Strategic Plan, 2001.

New Business: Brian commented that looking at the plan helped explain the current transition from WYLD Office to Training Committee, and Lesley explained the initial Resource Sharing committee was established because WYLD was paying for the initial move to database resources, but the State has picked up most of those costs now. Most other goals and migration concerns have been met.

Karen talked about the positive aspect of “look what we have accomplished,” and she feels there is a need to create a list of success for WYLD. Then look at a new plan. The 2001 Plan has a good basic structure for strategic areas and goals. After discussion of the Board’s review, Marci made a motion to appoint an ad hoc committee to develop the list of accomplishments and build a new strategic plan. Stephen seconded and the motion passed.

Brian asked about the make-up of the committee, and Patty said she would pursue a couple of ideas about previous participants, the state office, regional representation, and library type representation.

Old Business: Lesley reported that the Resource Sharing Committee would be meeting Feb. 21.

Marci reported that the Patron Database Management Committee recommendations had been posted to the website for the current changes. They have met once since the Dec. meeting to continue the other topics we had discussed.

Patty had a phone conference with Cynthia Twing, Mary Rhoads, and Mary Jayne Jordan to discuss the local arrangements and budget for the annual meeting. They are shooting for an early March preparation for the Governing Board approval.

Susan Simpson reported that Training Committee should be done with the workforce survey by the end of February, which will help establish WYLD meeting training needs. She did offer to provide checklist training.

Adjournment: With no further business, the conference call concluded at 11:55.

Recorded by Patty Myers