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WYLD NETWORK Governing Board

December 5, 2007

WYLD Governing Board
Meeting - December 5, 2007
8:30 a.m. phone conference

In attendance - Governing Board:
Patty Myers, President
Mary Jane Jordan, Vice-President Susan Richards, Academic Library Representative
Sally Hoover, K-12 Library Representative
Marci Mock, Larger Public Library Representative
Deb Sturman, Smaller Public Library Representative
Katie Jones, Special Library Representative
Stephen Sarazin, Member at Large

Others in attendance:
Brian Greene, WYLD
Trish Palluck, WSL
Desiree Saunders, WYLD
Karen Hopkins, WY Libraries Foundation
Brenda McGinnis, Bylaws Committee
Terri Lesley, Recorder (CCPL)
Susan Simpson, Training Committee (brief attendance due to illness)

  1. Welcome and introduction of participants
  2. Committee Reports
    1. Adhoc WYLD Patron Database Management Committee - Marci Mock
      Marci sent out a report prior to the phone conference. The group discussed the recommendations outlined in the report. Marci clarified the recommendation to change the wording in Line 8 of the WYLD Card Policy from “lending library” to “charging library.” Katie moved to accept the current work and recommended changes of the adhoc committee. Stephen seconded the motion. Motion passed.
      There are seven additional issues for the committee to examine:
      1. Debt collection
      2. iBistro ILL issue: a patron can only pick up an ILL item at home library location
      3. Overlay issues (patron card updates by other libraries)
      4. Underused parts of Workflows (why under use?)
      5. Patron notification via text messaging
      6. Purging missing items
      7. Special library inclusion

      Patty asked the Committee to address the additional issues. Timeline:by Annual Meeting. Current changes need to be approved by the Regional Councl (3 of 5 regions need to approve the changes). Mary Jayne will handle that. Then they will be posted and announced statewide. The Governing Board and Regional Council will need to approve additional recommendations prior to the Annual Meeting.

    2. Training Committee

      Susan Simpson requested information for the training committee concerning Resource Sharing through interlibrary loan and statewide databases. Since the old committees are inactive, Lesley Boughton responded with a letter stating she would reactivate committees for ILL and database resources. Brian pointed out there is conflicting information about who is on the Resource Sharing Committee. Susan Richards made the following motion: The WYLD governing board encourages and applauds the reformation of the Interlibrary loan sub committee and the Resource Sharing Committee. Deb Sturman seconded the motion. Motion passed.

    3. Online Quality Committee - Beth Floyd

      Patty reported that Beth did not have new information to report. Patty asked Des about Journal Linker. Refer to email from Des for more information. Committee report is online.

    4. Bylaws Committee - Brenda McGinnis

      Brenda has not been approached by anyone to ask for changes.

    5. Nominating Committee - Julie Farr

      The committee has nothing to report.

    6. Wyoming Libraries Foundation - Karen Hopkins

      Karen’s report is available online.

  3. WYLD Office Report - Brian Greene
    1. Some the WYLD committees have been very active. A new special library has been added: Casper College Western History Center.
    2. Moving plans for WSL move are progressing slowly.
    3. Update on WYLD positions–5 FT positions – ???A&I Director resigning end of Jan 2008. Mike McVay will replace resigning director
    4. SIRSI Dynix Symphony is soon to be released. (Symphony formerly called Rome). Information is linked from the technical support page, which is in a password protected area. The SuperConference will be in Detroit in 2008. The impact of Symphony will be a good reason to go to the SuperConference.
    5. The last authority processing effort was in 2004. This process needs a restart. A three year contract is pending and has CIO approval.
  4. Regional Council Reports - Mary Jayne Jordan

    Historically regional minutes are not being posted, and Mary Jayne is trying to reactivate that habit. Please post minutes. Region 2 has been very active. Region 3 is planning a February meeting.

  5. Annual Meeting handbook approval

    Patty said the handbook is currently not on the website because it has not been approved by Governing Board. Marci said some structural cleanup is needed. The Local Arrangements section is confusing. Katie offered to clean the document up. She will reorganize the document then distribute it for a vote via email. Brian offered to assist from the WYLD office point of view. Timeline: end of January.
    This could be an email vote.

  6. SIRSI SuperConference, April 5-6, 6-8, Detroit

    Patty encouraged all to attend. McMurry money is a resource for travel expenses.

  7. Patty proposed a review of the Strategic Plan at the end of February. The plan is online. We are halfway through this five year plan.

Patty adjourned the meeting at 9:38 a.m.

Respectfully submitted by Terri Lesley, Temporary Recorder