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WYLD NETWORK Governing Board

April 4th, 2007

Present: Karen Lange, Dale Collum, Marci Mock, Becky Hawkins, Brian Greene, Lesley Boughton, Mary Jayne Jordan, Katie Jones, Greg Ebare (scribe)

The purpose of the meeting was to go over the details this year’s annual meeting, and set costs for attendance.

The annual meeting usually attracts between 100 and 150 people. Based on a cost of $20.00 per attendee, the charge to the WYLD network would be approximately $2000.00. This number takes into account an average meal cost of $6.50, and 3 coffee breaks over the 3 days. The budget line item for the annual meeting currently allocates $4084.00 for the meeting.

Marci moved to approve the budget structure as presented. Karen seconded. The motion was approved.

Brian informed the group that while there is a possibility that a network member may do some onsite training, it is unlikely that an outside speaker/presenter will be used this year.

Representatives from Goshen County have sent some preliminary information packages. Not everyone has received this information. It contains information about an offsite medieval dinner, and some information on what to do while in Torrington.

New Business:

Brian shared a bit of info about the new Rome product from Sirsi Dynix. It will be replacing GL 3.2 and possibly using a web-based platform. An introduction and overview of the Java Client is being planned for the annual meeting. There will also be an overview of VDX and maybe some training on Zportal, which is a federated search product.

Marci told the board that WYLD Patron Database Committee will be sending a survey to library directors. The survey will look at policy and maintenance of the patron database.

Minutes Submitted by

Greg Ebare