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WYLD Governing Board and Regional Council Meeting
Crook County Public Library, Sundance–7:00 p.m.

May 31, 2006

Present: Governing Board: Dale Collum, Patty Myers, Brian Green, Lesley Boughton, Becky Hawkins, Mary Jayne Jordan, Karen Lange, Mary Robinson
Regional Council: Paul Holland, Jeanette Merrell, Suzanne Morlock, Meghan Kelly, Marci Mock, Diane Martin
Guests–Deb Kelly, Susan Richards, Nancy Miller, Jill Mackey

Governing Board President Dale Collum called the meeting to order at 7:00 and provided a verbal agenda.

WYLD Card Policy
WYLD Card Policy: Paul Holland provided the overview on the policy changes including the original intent of the statewide use of any one library card as a statewide card for WYLD. He explained that postage issues have turned out to be false, and the early concerns are not valid as most multiple library users are returning items to the home library, not incurring additional costs.
The other major changes were terminology which changed with the move to SIRSI. Dale enforced the concept of "seamless use" for Wyoming library users. Karen Lange commented that the new policy solves many of the academic concerns because committee member Debbie Iverson worked hard to make the policy compatible between public and academic. Campbell County has questions about home log-ins and ILL default to home libraries, which the next up-grade and Trish can answer. It is not a policy issue. The Policy committee recommended that the next committee be nuts and bolts workers instead of directors to iron out other details.
Karen asked if RFID interferes with ILL; it does not. Mary Jayne relayed a concern about school cards, and Paul said the new policy is very clear and should actually help schools Discussion about the photo ID requirement for multi-library users ended in a motion to change the language. The WYLD card is ID enough in most instances. Lesley made the motion to change statement 1- B to eliminate "and a photo ID." Diane Martin seconded and the motion was passed by both boards. The rest of the statement will state as it provides options and wiggle room for local decisions. Mary Jayne will retype the draft policy for the Friday meeting.

Network Fees:
The Governing Board continued a discussion from their previous meeting. Dale reviewed the reasons for lowering the Network Fee from $450 to $150 for miscellaneous expenses, which would give libraries a two year break. However, schools, academics and some publics are concerned about the bouncing line item for budgets. Mary Jayne emphasized the school perspective for keeping flat fees, and she recommended that we keep it at $400. Patty asked about changes in WYLD bringing changes in monetary needs. Brian Green said there is a lot of flexibility in this fee, and there are options for covering annual expenses, increasing training and sending more librarians to the SIRSI Super Conference. Patty made the motion to keep the fee at $400; Karen seconded, and the motion passed.

Location of Annual Meeting:
Both Dale and Brian reported the request for central locations for the annual meeting, but traditionally the location is dependent upon invitation. Diane Martin said she appreciates the opportunity to visit different locations and libraries, and she said the changing location offer the same opportunity to staff members. It is a dis-service to stay centrally located for both the host and the visitor. Jill Mackey and Diane talked the opportunity that the small WYLD meeting offers small towns to host the meetings. It was the consensus of the group to remain dependent upon an invitation; not an established rotation.

Leader Phone:
Brian explained the process of the conference call system with the 800 # and PIN for WYLD. He said Joe French needs to be notified of meetings by phone, because he tracks the bills for WYLD and WSL.

Future of WYLD:
Dale reviewed the move toward strategic planning for WYLD and the next phases for the organization. Diane talked about internal and external restraints for making changes, and asked how do we regain strength. Mary Jayne asked how do we pull in non-users/ Lesley talked about two issues for the integrated library system: the division of users and the bigger concept of WYLD as a statewide entity. She said only libraries in WYLD should be making system decisions, but there can be a portal concept that is bigger. Karen asked if the current Resource Sharing Council could be the opening to look at a broader picture. Lesley talked about using UW and the Dept of Ed’s WEBGATE becoming involved. Bylaw changes should be minimal, she said, but how do we bring in the other players . Can the Regional Council do this? Dale suggested a Working Group, and he will ask for volunteers at the meeting on Friday.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30, and desserts were served by Crook County Public Library.

Notes submitted by Patty Myers