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Annual Report

Wyoming Libraries Foundation (WLF) activity for FY 2011 focused on the Wyoming Library Leadership Institute (WLLI). Isabel Hoy and Karen Hopkins met with Chris Van Burgh and Cynthia Twing to discuss the future of WLLI and WLF's potential role.

At this time funds in the amount of $2,170.00 set aside for WLLI have been deposited with WLF. This amount includes contributions from Wyoming libraries in the amount of $1,450.00 and donations of $720.00 for Daphne Platts and Becky Hawkins' respective retirements designated for WLLI . Expenses included tax preparation of IRS Form 990 in the amount of $350.16 and Secretary of State Annual Report of $27.00. The financial report is attached.

With the retirement of Carol Brown as of June 30, 2011, the board will have two vacancies. Volunteers would be appreciated. It would be beneficial if at least one position was filled by a member of the academic and/or school communities.

On behalf of WLF, I would like to express our appreciation to Carol for her service to the board.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Hopkins
Chair, Wyoming Libraries Foundation

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