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WYLD is a collaborative effort to provide access to the collections and services of every Wyoming Library. WYLDCAT includes over 100 libraries, more than a million titles, and access to online resources.


The Wyoming Libraries' Database (WYLD) serves all of the public and academic libraries of the state: 23 county libraries, 43 branch libraries, four school districts, seven community colleges, a number of special libraries, and the State Library - over 100 libraries in all. [members] It is managed and administered by the Wyoming State Library within the State Department of Administration and Information. WYLD helps all of these libraries and Wyoming citizens share resources by common access to the statewide database of over a million titles owned by Wyoming libraries as well as multiple resources for research, discovery, entertainment, and online learning.

The library system allows citizens direct access to this statewide database and more through libraries, from home, school, or office.

This cooperative system was expanded with special supplementary funding provided by the Wyoming Legislature during 1996, and ongoing support is provided through the federal program, L.S.T.A., ongoing state funding, and local support from counties, community colleges, and school districts. Such a shared system takes advantage of costs savings over systems which might have been purchased by individual libraries, and efficiently enables the sharing of costly library materials.

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