Patron Database Committee

Patron Database Committee
MAY 31 - JUNE 1, 2007

The committee has met via conference call on Feb. 16th and May 3, 2007. The committee’s charge is available at

In order to assist the committee with recommendations, a survey was sent to the WYLD Director’s; 26 responses were received. The committee thanks those who responded to survey.

The committee looked at the following issues:

  1. Purging Inactive Patrons
  2. Purging Paid Bills
  3. Purging Unpaid Bills
  4. Patron Photos
  5. Universal Cards
  6. Patron Loads into SIRSI
  7. Editing/Not Editing Other Library’s Patron Records
  8. Convertfn Fines (Assigned Bill Reason: Conversion--Fines from DRA to SIRSI—no items attached)
  9. CVT Overdues (Assigned Bill Reason: Conversion—Fines from GEAC to DRA and then DRA to SIRSI—items are attached)

The work of the committee has been fact finding to this point. Formal recommendations and actions have not been taken as of yet.

Respectfully submitted,

Marci Mock — WYLD Patron Database Committee Chair

WYLD Patron Database Committee   Peg Parkison—Sheridan College Library
Ann Marie Ross—Carbon County Library
Richard Ward—Campbell County Library
Kashawna White—Laramie County Library
Desiree Saunders—WYLD Office
Marc Stratton—WYLD Office
Marci Mock—Sheridan County Library