Patron Database Management Committee

Ad Hoc Patron Database Management Committee
MAY 21, 2004


The adhoc Patron Database Management Committee is charged with:

  1. Reviewing the WYLD CARD policy and making appropriate recommendations to the WYLD Governing Board and WYLD Regional Council.
  2. Identifying patron database management issues or processes that may affect the WYLD network as a whole or member libraries. Some examples of issues may include:
    • Should there be a standard guideline set for purging patron records? Why ? If so, what should those standards be?
    • Patron loads - what guidelines are needed so that records overlay correctly, etc. (this is an issue for academic and school sites who may want to do such loads)
    • How do "universal cards" on campuses interface with the WYLD/SIRSI system -- (primarily another academic/school issue)
    • Authentication for the statewide licensed databases are currently based on having a library card in the WYLD System, what issues need to be identified in relation to this.
    • Patron photos in user records. The current SIRSI system supports a patron photo as part of the user record, how should this be handled by the local library and by the WYLD Office
    • Other issues ... (e.g., were there difficulties in migrating the patron data that could have been remedied in some manner with standard guidelines, etc.)
  3. Recommending procedures or guidelines for managing patron records in the WYLD Network consortia environment to the WYLD Regional Council.

Timeline: review WYLD Card Policy - recommendation prior to WYLD Annual Meeting in May 2004

Timeline for other issues: can vary


Our first charge is to review the WYLD Card Policy of 1999 and make recommendations to the WYLD governing Board and the WYLD Regional Council.

We are currently working toward consensus on that policy and I hope/anticipate having a proposal ready by the annual meeting.

Question: should I plan on presenting this to the Governing Board or the Regional Council at the annual meeting?

Subsequent charges:

Though there have been several items tentatively identified as needing clarification at a minimum, we have not delved into them in order to accomplish the first charge as directed