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SKILLS: General Skills Checklist

May 2015


Minimum Requirements

  1. Subscribe to the appropriate WYLD email distribution lists.
  2. Know the basic operating system used at your library, especially on staff computers.
  3. Know how to access e-Library and/or Enterprise, (both henceforth known in this document as WYLDCat), and WorkFlows
  4. Be able to move between toolbars in WorkFlows.
  5. Use Help features, including context sensitive, in WYLDCat and WorkFlows.
  6. Search and display patron data in WorkFlows.
  7. Search and display basic item data in WYLDCat.
  8. Navigate through various tabs, screens, or to next set of records in WYLDCat and WorkFlows.
  9. Use the Workflows Searching Tips Technote
  10. Know when to place a hold in WorkFlows.
  11. Be able to place holds in WYLDCat and WorkFlows.
  12. Know when to contact WYLD Support Team Office when other helps don't help.
  13. Recognize and access glossaries in WorkFlows.
  14. Be able to translate Roman numerals into Arabic numbers.
  15. Recognize temporary (on-the-fly) records, and understand their uses, such as on-order records for acquisitions and temporary records created to circulate items that are not linked in the catalog.


Intermediate Requirements

  1. Be proficient in advanced item searching strategies using all available wizards, helpers, qualifiers, sorts, etc. in WorkFlows and WYLDCat.
  2. Be able to modify wizard properties in WorkFlows.
  3. Access the WYLD Network Members web site to answer questions and find procedures.
  4. Know and follow the WYLD Database Guidelines.
  5. Use WYLD Technotes pertinent to your area of responsibility.
  6. Refer to the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar.
  7. Be able to create temporary (on-the-fly) records to circulate items that are not linked in the catalog.


Expert Requirements

  1. Be able to modify WorkFlows client configuration settings using WorkFlows Preference menu (IP address, barcode scanner, receipt printer).
  2. Be able to download WorkFlows software from the State Library.
  3. Understand how circulation policies in WorkFlows govern system operations. See Technote - Circulation Map.
  4. Know how to request Library Policy and Circulation Map Changes for your library.
  5. Be able to create custom toolbars in WorkFlows.
  6. Know how to get SirsiDynix Manuals. Ask your director or the WYLD Office for the password.
  7. Know how to use the SirsiDynix customer resources via the SD Support Center. Contact the WYLD Office for access.
  8. Understand and manage reports using Reports Skills Checklist.
  9. Understand and manage reports using Director's Station Skills Checklist.



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