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SKILLS: Director's Station Skills Checklist

March 2016


Minimum Requirements

  1. Know the General Skills and be signed up for the appropriate distribution list.
  2. Log in procedures for Directors Station (username/password)
  3. Navigate the Dashboard
  4. Navigate with the Fly-Out/Popout Menu Bar
  5. Use SwiftHelp Tutorials and the Multimedia Training Films
  6. Know how to create a report
  7. Know how to use dimensions to limit your report
  8. Know how to sort column by ascending or descending values
  9. Know how to save and export your report using Excel
  10. Know how to access context sensitive online helps.
  11. Know how to use the calculator.
  12. Know when to contact the WYLD Office when other helps don't help.


Intermediate/Expert Requirements

  1. Know how to use the SirsiDynix customer resources via the SD Support Center. Contact the WYLD Office for access.
  2. Understand and manage reports using Reports Skills Checklist


Recommended Director's Station Reports

  1. Item Counts by Location
  2. Item Counts Added Monthly by Location
  3. Daily Circulation Statistics
  4. Circulation limited by Hour and Day
  5. Patron Counts (Current and Inactive)
  6. Hold Counts (Current and Ancient)
  7. Bill Counts (Current and Ancient)
  8. Monthly Circulation Statistics (including Monthly added Items and Patrons)
  9. Yearly Circulation Statistics
  10. Dusty Book Counts
  11. Prediction As Late (Issuelate) Report
  12. Serial Claim Notices (Serclaimntc) Report
  13. List of Your Library's Serial Control Records (Serctlist) Report



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