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SKILLS: Acquisitions Skills Checklist

February 2014

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Importing/Linking Requirements

  1. Identify appropriate record (monograph vs. serial, author, title, publisher, copyright date, physical description, etc.).
  2. Understand the components of bibliographic records.
  3. Understand and know the steps of 9xx ordering (WYLD Technote).


Minimum Requirements

  1. Know the General Skills and be signed up for the appropriate distribution list (http://will.state.wy.us/wyld/email/lists.cfm).
  2. Know MARC Format and WYLD Database Guidelines.
  3. Be familiar with the WYLD Network page and the helps available.
  4. Configure SmartPORT settings in order to add or request records from LC or OCLC (WYLD Technote).
  5. Add a temporary record according to MARC Format using the Acquisitions On Order Template.
  6. Add or request records from LC or OCLC and be able to overlay existing temporary records from LC or OCLC.
  7. Know the different types of orders that can be placed: basic (approval, firm, gift), dated (membership, subscription), and recurring (blanket, standing order, monographic serial).
  8. Understand linking versus loading ("Load Order Line Holdings to Titles" wizard).
  9. Understand and use appropriate Holding Codes.
  10. Know how to create, modify and remove the following:
    1. Basic orders
    2. Vendors
    3. Funds
  11. Know how to receive items in an order.
  12. Know how to create, modify, pay and remove invoices.
  13. Know how to rollover to a new fiscal year.
  14. Know how to access context sensitive online helps.
  15. Know when to contact the WYLD Office when other helps don't help.


Expert Requirements

  1. Know how to remove volumes or copies from orderlines and the catalog.
  2. Know how to place recurring and dated orders.
  3. Know how to locate and resolve temporary (on-the-fly) records that either need to be removed, enhanced to level 2 of bibliographic description, or overlaid with records from LC or OCLC.
  4. Know how to use the SirsiDynix customer resources via the SD Support Center. Contact the WYLD Office for access.
  5. Understand and manage reports using Reports Skills Checklist (http://library.wyo.gov/wyld/network/groups/training/reports).
  6. Understand and manage reports using Director's Station Skills Checklist (http://library.wyo.gov/wyld/network/groups/training/dstation).



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