Training Committee
annual meeting

JUNE 4, 2010

The committee got off to a slow start in 2010. It experimented with meeting day and hours and continued to struggle with pbWiki ( and

Work this year centered on items in the strategic plan and goals identified last year.
It started revising skills checklists to reflect the shift to the Java client.
It reminds members to share their training documents.
The committee cooperated with the Wyoming State Library to produce a training survey it will use as a guide for next year.
The committee recommends that WYLD Annual Meeting continue to provide handouts that participants can take back to others.
The committee recommends that the regions hold follow up trainings after the annual meeting.

The committee’s goals for next year include:

  1. Complete updating checklists for the Java client
  2. Continue Implementing training components of the 2009 Strategic Plan
  3. (Carried over from 2009 and 2010) Using the Wyoming Workforce Survey to implement a training plan that would include:
    • Assessment
    • Subject areas
    • Goals
    • Responsibilities
    • Training materials
    • Calendar
  4. Consider a mentoring program particularly since so many survey respondents go to a co-worker for help

Thanks to WYLD and member library staff members who helped us in our work.

Committee Members
Chair (& Region V) - Susan Simpson (2012)
Region I - Sukey Hohl (2012)
Region II - Edie Phillips (2011)
Region III - Sara Kuhbacher (2011)
Region IV - Deb Sturman (2012)
Region VI - Leslie Carlson (2010)
WSL Liaison - Brian Greene

Training Committee