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Members:   (mailing list = dqcom @ will.state.wy.us )

Region 5 (Chair) - Meghan Kelly (2012) - mkelly@lccc.wy.edu
Region 1 - Amy Cahill (2012) - acahill@sublettecountylibrary.org
Region 2 - Diane Martin (2013) - diane.martin@northwestcollege.edu
Region 3 - Nancy Jennings (2012) - nleejennings@gmail.com
Region 4 - Susan Stanton - sstanton@natronacountylibrary.org
Region 6 - Cindy Moore (2010) - cmoore@albanycountylibrary.org
UW Liaison - Martha Hanscom - hanscom@uwyo.edu
WSL Liaison - Desiree Saunders - desiree.saunders@wyo.gov
WSL Liaison - Bobbi Thorpe - bobbi.thorpe@wyo.gov

Indexing Subcommittee (disbanded): April 2005 minutes | February 2005 minutes



About this Committee:

ONLINE QUALITY COMMITTEE: Monitors database quality and recommends appropriate action to Council or Board.

Composition: In addition to representatives defined in Paragraph I. U. above, a mix of public and technical services staff from each of the WYLD regions is encouraged. Agency directors may serve. The WYLD Support Team Bibliographic Database & Serials Librarian is a permanent committee member. Ex officio non voting members may include a second WYLD staff member and a non WYLD library representative. If it becomes impossible to recruit a committee member that fulfills all qualifications, the President will use her/his best judgment in appointments.

WYLDCAT Members Bylaws - June 2010