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Online Quality Committee Procedures

The purpose of the Online Quality Committee is to monitor database quality and recommend appropriate action to the Regional Council or the Governing Board.

The Online Quality Committee shall review the WYLD Database Guidelines on an annual basis. It is the recommendation of the OQC that database guidelines remain broad. Issues specific to Sirsi are addressed in technotes. Review of technotes will be done by the WYLD office.

The Online Quality Committee shall review locations, item types, item categories, and other relevant issues on an annual basis or in conjunction with a major software upgrade. Libraries should use the Request New Location/Item Type/Item Category form found on the OQC webpage.

When committee members receive email requests, they will forward all of them to the entire committee. When members receive phone calls, they will encourage the caller to email the entire committee with their concerns. Emails and requests received via the request to add or delete a location form found at http://will.state.wy.us/wyld/docs/locrequest.html and linked from the OQC webpage will be put on the agenda for the next scheduled OQC meeting. The chair shall immediately respond to emails or requests with an acknowledgment and the date of that meeting.

Representatives from libraries requesting committee action will be invited to sit in on the committee's deliberations during the discussion of those issues.

Committee surveys or requests for comment will include a reply by date in the subject line.


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