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Annual Reports: 2013 (Committee Responsibilities) | 2009


Mary Jayne Jordan, Chair (2014) - jordanmj@crook1.com
Lesley Boughton, (2014) - lesley.boughton@wyo.gov


About the Nominating Committee:

NOMINATING: Nominating Committee members are not eligible for election to office. The committee nominates candidate(s) for the following positions on the Governing Board: Vice President/President Elect, Academic Library Representative, K-12 Library Representative, Larger Public Library Representative, Smaller Public Library Representative Special Library Representative and a Member-At-Large. . Distributes the slate of candidates two weeks before the Annual Meeting's biennial election or before special elections. Prepares and counts the secret ballot at the Annual Meeting or after a special election. Announces the results.

Composition: One delegate appointed by the President and one appointed by the Vice-President/President Elect.

WYLDCAT Members Bylaws - June 2010