WYLD NETWORK Business Meeting

May 20, 2005
Northwest College - Powell, Wyoming


Copies of the 2005 WYLD Database Guidelines were distributed to members prior to the meeting.

             I.    Call to order - Scott Kinney, President
Network President called the meeting to order at 9:10 a.m. Trish Palluck was introduced as Library Journal Paraprofessional of the Year.

           II.    Roll Call of Delegates & ascertain quorum - Trish Palluck, Bobbi Thorpe, recorders
Roll call was completed - a quorum was present.
Those libraries unable to attend were Carbon County, Crook County, Goshen County, Hot Springs Country, Lincoln County, Teton County, Weston County, Carbon County School District 2, Cheyenne Central HS, Cheyenne East HS, Crook County School District 1, Newcastle HS, Cheyenne VA, Grandlodge, National Museum of Wildlife Art, Sheridan VA, State Law Library, Yellowstone Research Library, CWC, and EWC.

         III.    Additions or changes to the agenda
There were no additions to the agenda.

         IV.    Approval of minutes (May 21, 2004)
Susan Simpson moved to change the Minutes of the 2004 Annual Business Meeting to include the text of the bylaws. Diane Martin seconded. Minutes were approved as amended.

           V.    Committee Reports

                                      A.          Fees and Statistics, Ad-hoc (Cathy Butler, Chair)
No report was submitted and no meeting was held. New fees were approved last year.

                                      B.          Governance/Bylaws (Lucie Osborn, Chair)
In Lucie's absence, Scott Kinney announced that the committee's report was posted on the Network webpage.

<li>Nominating (Kay Carlson, Chair)
In Kay's absence, Diane Martin announced that the committee's report was posted on the Network webpage.

                               C.    Online Quality (Susan Simpson, Chair)
Susan announced that the committee's report was posted on the Network webpage.

                               D.    Patron Database Management, Ad-hoc (Paul Pidde, Chair)
In Paul's absence, Scott Kinney announced that no report was posted.

                               E.    Training (Kim Jones, Chair)
Kim announced that the committee's report was posted on the Network webpage. She thanked Karen Kitchens for putting the survey together and announced the Training Committee's blog on the webpage.


WYLD Office (Brian Greene)
Brian reported that on May 27, 2005 the LSSI processed authority records will be loaded into WYLD and the reindexing will begin. While the process is being run over a long holiday weekend, there are no guarantees that the process will be finished by Tuesday morning. The process will be tested on TAZ, the test server, over the May 20th weekend. Brian expressed his appreciation to the WYLD staff.

                               G.    Regional Council (Crystal Stratton, Chair)
A written report was posted to the webpage. In Crystal's absence, Diane Martin offered thanks to the Network members for attending this year's meeting in Powell and stated that it was a privilege to serve on the Regional Council. Diane went on to express her appreciation for the work that was done by and the growth in the Regional Council. Her final comments were to encourage Network members to share with others the information gained from the Train the Trainers sessions held around the state. Special thanks were given to Jill Rourke, formerly of the State Library and to Jerry Krois for their efforts in putting together the Train the Trainer session. The three new Regional Council members are: Barbara Oakleaf, Fremont County Library; Jeannette Murrell, Casper College; and Claire Francis, Uinta County.

                               H.    Governing Board (Scott Kinney, Chair)
Scott reported that the Governing Board and the Regional Council, in a joint meeting, approved the 2005 edition of the WYLD Database Guidelines. He also reported that he and Crystal Stratton attended the annual SIRSI Conference held in early March in Nashville, TN where they saw some exciting new changes in SIRSI products.

         VI.    New Business
The new look of iBistro/iLink, currently on the test server, was demonstrated by Scott Kinney. He asked for input from members as to when they'd like to see this implemented. It was suggested that libraries contact their Regional Council representatives with their preferred dates for implementation.

Scott discussed the need for website document retention. He suggested that a procedure be developed for archiving of old minutes and brought up the issues of where these online documents should be stored. He discussed the possibility of involving the Regional Council and the Online Quality Committee in investigating options.

Scott discussed the possible need to password protect the Network website to enable the posting of SIRSI proprietary documents and the posting of other sensitive Network documents.

       VII.    WYLD Network Foundation (Cathy Butler)
Cathy Butler reported that at last year's meeting the Foundation bylaws were approved. Minutes from that meeting are posted on the Network webpage. The name of the foundation has been changed to Wyoming Libraries Foundation so that all libraries, not-for-profit or government entities can be members. The purpose of the Foundation has been expanded to include grant facilitation. Members must pay a $20.00/year fee. Cathy stated at the next Foundation meeting they will discuss the way billing is done and possibly change this from calendar year to fiscal year billing. Cathy encouraged libraries to join and reminded them that membership forms and guidelines for submitting grants are posted on the webpage. Currently the Foundation has approximately $9,000.

Collaborative grants - Debbie Iverson submitted two grants proposals to the McMurry Foundation for medical resources for academic and medical libraries. The State Library and the Wyoming Libraries Foundation are the fiscal agents. Debbie encouraged other libraries to submit grant applications as she received excellent support from the McMurry Foundation and from Joe French at the State Library. Current grant applications are for up to two years each. Debbie also reported that the Foundation doesn't meet unless there is a need for a meeting when special things come up. Members include Bob Kalabus, WWCC; Karen Hopkins, Converse County; Isabel Hoy, Goshen County; Debbie Iverson, Sheridan College; Cathy Butler, Sheridan County; and the current chair of the Regional Council. Next year three new members will be elected.

     VIII.    Other business
Brian expressed his appreciation to NWC 's technical support staff and food service staff for contributing to the success of the WYLD Annual Meeting. A SIRSI umbrella was presented to the staff of NWC Library in appreciation for all the work they put into organizing the annual meeting.

Debbie Iverson reported that SIRSI is sponsoring the 2006 MPLA Ghost Ranch Leadership Institute. She commended Lesley Boughton, State Librarian and Maggie Farrell, UW Libraries Director for their efforts in working with SIRSI to make this possible.

Scott Kinney presented the remaining umbrellas to Bobbi Thorpe for her work on the WYLD Database Guidelines and to Susan Simpson as chair of the Online Quality Committee in appreciation for all their accomplishments over the past year.

         IX.    Network election results
Scott announced election results. Paul Holland, Sweetwater County Library System was elected the new Member-at-Large. Dale Collum, Uinta County Library was selected as the new Chair-Elect.

           X.    Announcements
Trish Palluck announced that volunteers were needed to distribute Race for the Cure information at three businesses in their counties and serve as county coordinator for the race. She stated that these could be phantom teams for the race. Trish also expressed her appreciation for the nominations submitted on her behalf for the Paraprofessional of the Year award and believes the award belongs to everyone in the Wyoming library community.

Trish also took this opportunity to read a note written to the Network members by Chris Van Burgh of the State Library. Chris expressed her thanks to everyone for their good wishes, thoughts and prayers. Bobbi Thorpe announced that a savings account has been established in Chris' name at one of the Cheyenne banks for anyone wishing to make a contribution.

Julie Baehr of Fremont County was announced as the winner of the 50/50 raffle for Relay for Life. Brian Greene recognized Scott for his service as Network president. Jill Rourke reminded everyone to submit nominations for WLA awards.

         XI.    Recognition of Members' service
Scott presented certificates to members of the Online Quality Committee, the Fees Committee, the Regional Council, and the Governing Board in recognition of their service.

       XII.    Adjournment
As incoming president Crystal Stratton was unable to attend, Scott adjourned the meeting at 10:10 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Trish Palluck
Bobbi Thorpe