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Distribution lists available on WILL

The following document outlines the names and purpose of many of the lists available on WILL.
In most cases, you must be a member of the list to post messages to it. Comments may be directed to: wyldstaff @ will.state.wy.us
* terms of use

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Main Interest Lists Purpose / Description More
all General announcements for all libraries view list
ill Interlibrary Loan & Document delivery interest group view list
wyldnews Specifically for WYLD news that may not be of interest to all users. If you work in a WYLD library and you use SirsiDynix software, you should be on this list. view list
wyldstaff WYLD Office Staff - Technical Support Contact view list

ILS Users Group Business Lists Purpose / Description More
academic WYLD academic libraries interest group view list
dqcom WYLD Online Quality Committee view list
govboard WYLD Network officers view list
large WYLD large public libraries interest group view list
region1 WYLD Region One view list
region2 WYLD Region Two view list
region3 WYLD Region Three view list
region4 WYLD Region Four view list
region5 WYLD Region Five view list
region6 WYLD Region Six view list
schools WYLD school libraries view list
small WYLD small public libraries interest group view list
special WYLD Special Libraries' Directors view list
training WYLD Network Training Committee view list
wyacademic WYLD academic libs interest group view list

WYLD / Symphony Module Interest Lists Purpose / Description More
tecser Technical services interest group (cataloging, acquisitions, serials) view list

Private Directors Lists - contact the State Library to be added
Academic Directors
Public Directors
All Directors

* Terms of Use: The State Library hosts several distribution lists to support communication within the WYLD Network and for users of State Library services. The State Library must comply with the Email Use Policy as approved by the State of Wyoming CIO. Particular attention should be paid to sections II.A-D on acceptable and unacceptable use.