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VDX / ILL Codes

To request changes to any information listed here, please contact wyldstaff @ will.state.wy.us
VDX Code WYLD Code LibraryEmailVDX Status
ALBY ALBY Albany County Library ill@albanycountylibrary.org Requester/Responder
ALPI LINC-ALPINE Alpine Branch Library alpill@linclib.org Requester/Responder
ALTA TETN-ALTA Alta Branch Library gnotzold@tclib.org Requester/Responder
BAIR SWTR-BAIR Bairoil Branch Library wmtnill@sweetwaterlibraries.com Non-participant
BBHC BBHC McCracken Research Library, Buffalo Bill Hist. Ctr maryr@bbhc.org Requester/Responder
BHN BHN Big Horn County Library ill@bhclibrary.org Requester/Responder
BHNHS n/a Riverside High School vroady@bgh4.k12.wy.us Requester Only
BIGHS n/a Big Horn High School mroberts@wavecom.net Requester Only
BIGP SUBL-BIGP Big Piney Branch Library BPBranch@sublettecountylibrary.org Requester/Responder
BUFHS n/a Buffalo High School lschleicher@jcsd1.k12.wy.us Requester Only
BURL n/a Burlington School Library Requester Only
BURN LARM-BURN Burns Branch burns@lclsonline.org Requester/Responder
CAMP CAMP Campbell County Public Library circ@ccpls.org Requester/Responder
CARB CARB Carbon County Library System carbill@carbonlibraries.org Requester/Responder
CCHS CCHS Cheyenne Central High sipem@laramie1.k12.wy.us Requester/Responder
CCWHC CSPC-CCWHC Casper College Western History Center kevinand@caspercollege.edu Non-participant
CEHS CEHS Cheyenne East High wagnerk@laramie1.k12.wy.us Requester/Responder
CENT ALBY-CENT Centennial Branch Library ill@albanycountylibrary.org Non-participant
CHUG PLAT-CHUG Chugwater Branch Library platill@plattecountylibrary.org Non-participant
CHVA CHVA V.A. Medical Center, Cheyenne kerry.skidmore@med.va.gov Requester/Responder
CLEAR SHER-CLEAR Clearmont Branch Library cbl@sheridanwyolibrary.org Requester/Responder
COKE LINC-COKE Cokeville Branch Library cokeill@linclib.org Requester/Responder
CONV CONV Converse County Library cinnamon@conversecountylibrary.org Requester/Responder
CRK CRK Crook County Library heasterk@rangeweb.net Requester/Responder
CSHS CSHS Cheyenne South High School skaars@laramie1.org Requester/Responder
CSPC CSPC Casper College Library ill@caspercollege.edu Requester/Responder
CWC CWC Central Wyoming College librarian@cwc.edu Requester/Responder
DEAV BHN-DEAV Deaver Branch Library sherry@bhclibrary.org Non-participant
DOUHS n/a Douglas High School edownes@ccsd1.k12.wy.us Requester Only
DUBOI FREM-DUBO Dubois Branch lwetmore@fclsonline.org Requester/Responder
EDGE NATR-EDGE M.J. Davis Branch lvolin@natronacountylibrary.org Non-participant
ELEL CCSD-ELEL Elk Mtn Elem School Lib kbrown@crb2.k12.wy.us Non-participant
ELKMT CARB-ELKMT Elk Mountain Branch elkmtnlib@carbonlibraries.org Requester/Responder
ENCBR CARB-ENC Encampment Branch Library encrivbrlib@carbonpower.net Requester/Responder
ENSC CCSD-ENSC Encampment School Library rmartin@crb.k12.wy.us Requester/Responder
EWC EWC Eastern Wyoming College casey.debus@ewc.wy.edu Requester/Responder
FARSN SWTR-FARSN Farson Branch Library wmtnill@sweetwaterlibraries.com Non-participant
FRAN BHN-FRAN Frannie Branch Library sherry@bhclibrary.org Non-participant
FREM FREM Fremont County Library landerill@fclsonline.org Requester/Responder
GENE LARM-GEN Laramie Geneology Fam.Local History ill@lclsonline.org Requester/Responder
GILC SHRC-GILC Gillette Campus diana@sheridan.edu Requester/Responder
GLEND PLAT-GLEN Glendo Branch Library platill@plattecountylibrary.org Non-participant
GLENR CONV-GLEN Glenrock Branch Library ppidde@conversecountylibrary.org Requester/Responder
GOSH GOSH Goshen County Library goshill@goshencounty.org Requester/Responder
GRANG SWTR-GRAN Granger Branch Library wmtnill@sweetwaterlibraries.com Non-participant
GREY BHN-GREY Greybull Branch Library state@greybullpubliclibrary.org Requester/Responder
GREYHS n/a Greybull High School pat.johnson@email.bgh3.k12.wy.us Requester Only
GUEHS n/a Guernsey-Sunrise School sshambaugh@plt2.k12.wy.us Requester Only
GUER PLAT-GUER Guernsey Branch Library rja82214@yahoo.com Requester/Responder
HAEL CCSD-HAEL Hanna Elem School Library kbrown@crb2.k12.wy.us Non-participant
HAHS CCSD-HAHS Hanna/Elk Mtn School Library kbrown@crb2.k12.wy.us Requester/Responder
HANNA CARB-HANNA Hanna Branch tpage@carbonlibraries.org Requester/Responder
HOTHS n/a Hot Springs High School ctoth@hotsprings.k12.wy.us Requester Only
HSPG HSPG Hot Springs County Library hspgill@will.state.wy.us Requester/Responder
HUBR CRKSD-HUBR Hulett School Library andersond@hms.crooknet.k12.wy.us Requester/Responder
HULE CRK-HULE Hulett Branch Library library467@rtconnect.net Requester/Responder
JOHN JOHN Johnson County Library johnill@johnsoncountylibraries.org Requester/Responder
KAYC JOHN-KAYC Kaycee Branch Library bross@johnsoncountylibraries.org Requester/Responder
KAYHS n/a Kaycee High School nancy@khs.jcsd1.k12.wy.us Requester Only
KELHS n/a Kelly Walsh High School cheryl_davis@ncsd.k12.wy.us Requester Only
LARM LARM Laramie County Library System ill@lclsonline.org Requester/Responder
LBAR LINC-LBAR LaBarge Branch Library lbarill@linclib.org Requester/Responder
LCCC LCCC Laramie County C. College lcccill@lccc.wy.edu Requester/Responder
LINC LINC Lincoln County Library System lincill@linclib.org Requester/Responder
LOVEL BHN-LOVL Lovell Branch lovell@lovellwylibrary.org Requester/Responder
LSNRV CARB-LSRIV Little Snake River Valley lsrvlib@carbonlibraries.org Requester/Responder
LYMAN UINT-LYMAN Uinta County- Lyman Branch Library lyman@uintalibrary.org Requester/Responder
MBOW CARB-MBOW Medicine Bow Branch Library medbowlib@carbonlibraries.org Requester/Responder
MEDB CCSD-MEDB Medicine Bow School Library kbrown@crb2.k12.wy.us Non-participant
MEET PARK-MEET Meeteetse Branch Library meeteetse@parkcountylibrary.org Requester/Responder
MIDHS n/a Midwest High School carla_howard@ncsd.k12.wy.us Requester Only
MILLS NATR-MILLS Mills Branch lvolin@natronacountylibrary.org Non-participant
MOEL CRKSD-MOEL Moorcroft Elementary cookk@hms.crooknet.k12.wy.us Non-participant
MOHS CRKSD-MOHS Moorcroft High School jonesk@hms.crooknet.k12.wy.us Requester/Responder
MOOR CRK-MOOR Moorcroft Branch Library moorlibrary@rtconnect.net Requester/Responder
MTVIE UINT-MTVW Uinta County - Mtn View Branch Library mtnviewlib@bvea.net Requester/Responder
n/a WSL-ARC WY State Archives Non-participant
n/a LARM-BKMBL Laramie County Bookmobile ill@lclsonline.org Non-participant
n/a NATR-BKMBL Natrona County - Bookmobile lvolin@natronacountylibrary.org Non-participant
n/a TETN-HIST Jackson Hole Historical Society Non-participant
n/a FREM-PION Pioneer Museum Lander Non-participant
NATHS n/a Natrona County High School sharyle_good@ncsd.k12.wy.us Requester Only
NATR NATR Natrona County Public Library lvolin@natronacountylibrary.org Requester/Responder
NEHS NEHS Newcastle High School hoovers@www.weston1.k12.wy.us Requester/Responder
NIOB NIOB Niobrara County Library info@niobraracountylibrary.org Requester/Responder
NWC NWC Northwest College kellyd@nwc.cc.wy.us Requester/Responder
PARK PARK Park County Library parkill@parkcountylibrary.org Requester/Responder
PINE LARM-PINE Pine Bluffs Branch pinebluffs@lclsonline.org Requester/Responder
PLAT PLAT Platte County Library platill@plattecountylibrary.org Requester/Responder
POWEL PARK-POWL Powell Branch Library powell@parkcountylibrary.org Requester/Responder
RELI SWTR-RELI Reliance Branch Library wmtnill@sweetwaterlibraries.com Non-participant
RIVT FREM-RIVT Riverton Branch rivtill@fclsonline.org Requester/Responder
RKSP SWTR-RKSP Rock Springs Library rkspill@sweetwaterlibraries.com Requester/Responder
ROCK ALBY-ROCK Rock River Branch ill@albanycountylibrary.org Non-participant
ROOHS n/a Roosevelt Literacy Center nancy_ochs@hotmail.com Requester Only
SAEL CCSD-SAEL Saratoga Elem School Library cfisher@crb2.k12.wy.us Non-participant
SAHS CCSD-SAHS Saratoga HS Lib ptaylor@crb2.k12.wy.us Requester/Responder
SART CARB-SART Saratoga Branch rhackett@carbonlibraries.org Requester/Responder
SBDC FREM-SBDC Fremont Co - Small Business Dev Ctr landerill@fclsonline.org Non-participant
SHEHS n/a Sheridan High School leibrichl@web.sheridan2.k12.wy.us Requester Only
SHER SHER Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library sherill@sheridanwyolibrary.org Requester/Responder
SHRC SHRC Sheridan College vbrown@sheridan.edu Requester/Responder
SHVA SHVA V.A. Medical Center, Sheridan jodi.quesnell2@va.gov Requester/Responder
SINC CARB-SINC Sinclair Branch Library sinclairlib@carbonlibraries.org Non-participant
STAR LINC-STAR Star Valley Branch starill@linclib.org Requester/Responder
STOR SHER-STOR Story Branch Library sbl@sheridanwyolibraries.org Requester/Responder
SUBL SUBL Sublette County Library circulation@sublettecountylibrary.org Requester/Responder
SUEL CRKSD-SUEL Sundance Elementary School pearsonj@hms.crooknet.k12.wy.us Non-participant
SUHS CRKSD-SUHS Sundance High School jordanmj@hms.crooknet.k12.wy.us Requester/Responder
SUPER SWTR-SUPER Superior Branch Library wmtnill@sweetwaterlibraries.com Non-participant
SWTR SWTR Sweetwater County Library swtrill@sweetwaterlibraries.com Requester/Responder
TENS WASH-TENS Ten Sleep Branch Library tensleep@washakiecountylibrary.com Requester/Responder
TETN TETN Teton County Library tetnill@tclib.org Requester/Responder
THAY LINC-THAY Thayne Branch Library thayill@linclib.org Requester/Responder
TONHS n/a Tongue River High School trhsbn@sheridan.k12.wy.us Requester Only
TRIV SHER-TRIV Tongue River Branch Library trbl@sheridanwyolibrary.org Requester/Responder
UINT UINT Uinta County Library reference@uintalibrary.org Requester/Responder
UPTN WEST-UPTN Upton Branch Library uptnill@westongov.com Requester/Responder
UWD n/a University of Wyoming Libraries dtrot@uwyo.edu Responder Only
WAMS SWTR-WAMS Wamsutter Branch Library wmtnill@sweetwaterlibraries.com Non-participant
WASH WASH Washakie County Library worland@washakiecountylibrary.com Requester/Responder
WEST WEST Weston County Library westill@westongov.com Requester/Responder
WHEHS n/a Wheatland High School dhinkle@platte1.k12.wy.us Requester Only
WMTN SWTR-WMTN White Mountain Library wmtnill@sweetwaterlibraries.com Requester/Responder
WORHS n/a Worland High School vovercast@netscape.net Requester Only
WRIG CAMP-WRIG Wright Branch Library wrigill@ccpls.org Requester/Responder
WSL WSL Wyoming State Library AI-WSL-WSLill@wyo.gov Requester/Responder
WWCC WWCC Western Wy Comm. College fstringh@wwcc.cc.wy.us Requester/Responder
WYLAW WSL-LAW WY State Law Library kcarlson@courts.state.wy.us Responder Only
YRL YRL Yellowstone Research Library yell_research_library@nps.gov Requester/Responder